Catching Up with the Stars of ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’

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Catching Up with the Stars of ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’

Make way… Clifford the Big Red Dog is ready to pay you a visit!! 

The holidays are about to get a whole lot bigger. And that’s because of Clifford the Big Red Dog becominh available to purchase on Digital* platforms. The release date in Canada is on December 24, 2021 with exclusive, never-before-seen bonus content from Paramount Home Entertainment. The film will be unleashed on Blu-ray & DVD February 1, 2022, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Perfect for family holiday viewing, Clifford the Big Red Dog is the perfect movie for the whole family to cozy up at home and watch together. Plus, fans can have twice the fun with a two-movie collection featuring Paw Patrol: The Movie and Clifford the Big Red Dog exclusively on Digital together for one price.

The Digital* release of Clifford the Big Red Dog features supersized and fun-filled bonus content, including a behind-the-scenes tour with the cast, a closer look at the puppeteers who helped bring Clifford to life, an exploration of Clifford’s beginning with creator Norman Bridwell, hilarious tips for caring for a giant dog, and deleted scenes not seen in theatres! Details on the bonus content are listed below.

The movie stars Darby Camp as Emily who discovers her little red puppy named Clifford. Clifford eventually grows ten feet overnight so she turns to her eccentric Uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) for help. But a mad scientist (Tony Hale) tries to capture the larger-than-life playful pup. And it takes the entire neighbourhood to hide Clifford as they race across the city. Get ready for the incredible, laugh-out-loud comedy adventure that is BIG fun for the entire family! 

Clifford the Big Red Dog is available on Digital* platforms & Blu-ray and has a lot of bonus content. This includes Part of the Pack— Get a behind-the-scenes look at Clifford’s big movie with interviews from cast and crew. Acting is for the Dogs—There’s more to Clifford than meets the eye: meet the puppeteers who brought the giant red pup to life! Another bonus content takes the title of The Magic of Bridwell. That’s where you can see where Clifford’s big adventure began from creator Norman Bridwell’s early drawings. He drew those for the beloved Scholastic book series, eventually leading to Clifford’s worldwide fame. Tips & Tricks for Taking Care of a 10-Foot Dog – Get hilarious tips on how to take care of a giant dog! And lastly, there’s a section showing the film’s deleted scenes. The DVD includes the feature film in standard definition.

Our Bonnie Laufer caught up with stars Tony Hale, Darby Camp and Jack Whitehall to find out why everyone needs a Clifford in their life. 



  • Release Date: 12/24/2021
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