About “In The Seats”

You know, it’s kind of funny.  When you work in an industry as unique as the movie business and everyone sets up their own blog or their own site to give their opinion in a sea of opinions on what you should and shouldn’t see at theatres, at home or on the go with whatever streaming tablet, phone device that you might be using and there is a plethora of choices out there, and it’s a fair question to ask; What makes “In The Seats” different, from anybody else?

I can only speak on a handful of very salient points because here we take pride in the following.

Metro Central

1.) We’ll love or hate the important pieces of cinema or television at about the same ratio as the cult classics and the popcorn fare.  We proudly support independent and Canadian cinema, but that doesn’t mean you get judged on a different scale.  Good is good and bad is bad, don’t be mad at us if we don’t like your movie and remember to appreciate us when we can’t stop talking about it either.

2.) Film Festivals are important to us and we will give you extensive coverage on as many festivals in and around the city of Toronto as well as the world that we possibly can, so that you can get the info you need on your next viewing choices, before you even know you need it.

3.)  It won’t just be reviews, but we’ll have news, opinion pieces and anything else we can dream up relating to the worlds of cinema, TV and beyond.  We’re all about creating as wide of a discussion as we possibly can and bringing you a diverse selection of experienced writers that you as an audience can engage with so you can find out news on the latest releases, or something a little more under the radar that we think might be pretty cool, either at screens in Toronto or across the globe.

4.) We’ll give away free stuff whenever we can (Because seriously, who doesn’t like winning free stuff?)

5.) We’ll always be honest, and we’ll try our hardest to never, EVER be boring.

6.) We take talking cinema & TV very seriously, and we hope you do as well because we have fun doing it.

That’s it and that’s all, but I look forward to seeing you all along this journey as we put our butts down “In The Seats” (pun intended) for the ride.




David Voigt

Publisher/Editor-In Chief/Contributor/Friend/Brother/Secret Lover


NOTE: While we may not agree with all the positions that our writers take, we unequivocally support there right to take them.


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