‘Bose’ – Stars Ivan Sanchez and Jose Pastor discuss playing Spanish legend, Miguel Bose

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‘Bose’ – Stars Ivan Sanchez and Jose Pastor discuss playing Spanish legend, Miguel Bose

One of Spain’s biggest and most revered icons gets the mini series treatment!

Paramount Plus brings us Bosé, a six-part series that follows the decades-old career path of barrier-breaking Spanish singer-songwriter Miguel Bosé.

This Spanish-language series, focuses on the ups and downs of Miguel’s rise to success and one of the first and biggest barriers Bosé had to break was his upbringing. From birth, Miguel Bosé’s destiny was to break the mould and invent his own. To go outside the rigid conventions imposed by the country and the time in which he grew up.

Bosé grew up in Somosaguas, a suburban bastion of Franco’s upper-middle class outside of Madrid. His father is Luis Miguel Dominguine (played by Nacho Frisinda The Department of Time’s). He’s a famous bullfighter hailing from the province of Toledo who maintained close ties to the Franco regime.

Filming scenes from Bosé’s early life, the show looks to show the contrasts between Dominguín and Bosé. Bosé’s mother, Lucia Bosé (Valeria Solarino) is a liberal Italian actress who has yet to fully integrate into Dominguín’s conservative lifestyle. And she has influenced Bosé to create his enduring-famous avant-garde Personal.

The personalities of these two seemingly contradictory parents, with Dominguin representing “macho, ancestors, telluric”. Lucia, on the other hand, represents “an intellectual and sensitive woman surrounded by the progressive classes of Europe”. Both prompted Bose to build a career that transcends his parents.

As he developed into a star, Spain underwent a dramatic social change, as conservative dictatorship gave way to a new democratic country and culture. Bose’s career had been marked by a constant pushback against the conservative aristocracy in Spain.

Surrounded by a halo of mystery, he has always been very jealous of his privacy and few know his story. For the first time, Miguel Bosé will share part of his private life, with its strengths and weaknesses. He also shares the life an artist with a unique and very recognizable personality, exclusively available to Paramount+ global audiences. Bosé will be an unprecedented work of art in itself. It will transport viewers to different moments in the singer-songwriter’s life and career that began in the late 1970s.

The long-awaited original series about the intense and poignant life of the legendary Spanish Singer premieres on Paramount Plus on November 3rd.

Our Bonnie Laufer spoke with stars Jose Pastor and Ivan Sanchez who play Miguel Bose in his younger and older years.

  • Release Date: 11/03/2022
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