Unexpected Humour Through a Tragic Lens…..: Our TIFF 2022 Review of ‘Rosie’

Posted in TIFF 2022 by - September 09, 2022
Unexpected Humour Through a Tragic Lens…..: Our TIFF 2022 Review of ‘Rosie’

Actress turned writer and director Gail Maurice tries her hand at writing a feature and directing a feature for the second time with French Indigenous Canadian film, Rosie. It packs a punch through its comedic and heart wrenching story telling. With the movie being set in the 1980s, it does pose a problem by using some choice language. However, the characters never say those words in a mean spirited or derogatory way. The politically incorrect language was accurate for that time.

The movie focuses on Rosie, played by Keris Hope Hill, as her mother has unfortunately passed away. And social services have brought Rosie to her next of kin, her step-aunt, Fred aka Frederique, played by Melanie Bray. At first, Fred is very hesitant to take in a child, let alone that of her step-sisters as she is very against the system. She believes they let her step-sister down and she was unaware that she has passed. However, not wanting Rosie to end up in the system, she reluctantly agrees to take her in. Rosie and Fred share some adventures together, but they are not alone. As Flo, played by Constant Bernard, and Mo, played by Alex Trahan, are also involved in this wild adventure.

The film manages to interweave traumatic experiences of death and bring forth the heart and love that these characters have for each other. It also has a heavy dose of comedy to create a very well fleshed out and thoughtful final product.

  • Release Date: 9/9/2022
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