‘Together, Together’ – Zooming With Writer/Director Nikole Beckwith

‘Together, Together’ – Zooming With Writer/Director Nikole Beckwith

Once in awhile one of those charming, sweet, intimate and touching films comes along that shouldn’t be missed. Together, Together is one of those films.

Now available on VOD, Together, Together is a non-traditional love story that will tug at your heartstrings.

Written and directed by Nikole Beckwith, Together, Together stars Ed Helms as Matt. He’s a soon-to-be dad who begins an unconventional relationship with his surrogate, played by Patti Harrison.

Helms is endearing form the get go. He plays as a man who wants to be a father but hasn’t found the right partner, so he decides that he is going to go for it on his own. He’s 45, has had relationships that didn’t work out but is ready to move onto the next phase of life and is truly excited about what it will bring.

For Patti Harrison who plays Anna, the 26 year old barista becomes his surrogate. And at first it’s all about carrying the baby for this man and fulfilling his dream. Soon – the two become close platonic friends, but share many of the anxieties and hopes that a real pregnant couple would experience together.

Writer and Director Nikole Beckwith in passing once thought about becoming a surrogate herself but wrote the film on a whim. She says that family, identity and intimacy are big themes in her work because she finds it all so fascinating.

When Beckwith began writing Together, Together she was just curious about a lot of things. For one, what it would be like for two strangers to begin a journey together that is so intimate but not sexual.

The movie is divided into the three trimesters of pregnancy. So it is wonderful to watch how the relationship develops between the two and where it ends up.

Our Bonnie Laufer spoke with director Nikole Beckwith about writing the script. They also discussed her casting choices and why she thinks funny people make such great dramatic actors.

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