TJFF 2022: Our Review of ‘One More Story’

Posted in Festival Coverage, Movies by - June 10, 2022
TJFF 2022: Our Review of ‘One More Story’

Director Guri Alfi is looking to change romcoms from its streaming, no name rut with his theatrical directorial debut One More Story.

Yardan (Dina Sanderson) is a journalist who doesn’t believe in love, and is more interested in advancing her career than finding it. Her dream is to have her book published, but no one is willing to take a chance on her. An opportunity does present itself however. The sleazy editor at the newspaper she works for, Amos (Lior Ashkenazi), agrees to help her if she agrees to send her hopelessly-romantic friend Adam (Maayan Blum) out on a date every day with a different woman for a whole month and write a series of articles about his experiences. The slant of the articles are supposed to highlight the pointlessness of modern romance, but when he unexpectedly falls in love her plans fall into disarray and forces her to reconsider the choices she’s made.

One More Story isn’t your typical romcom. Most romcoms are predictable, and follow a very similar structure. This is part of the reason why they’ve lost their popularity over the years. At times One More Story threatens to walk the same path, but then veers off in its own direction. It doesn’t lose the cynical edge it has going in, and stays rough from start to finish. Unlike many romcoms, the story has a point to it, and it wants to make sure you understand what it is.

One More Story gives you many of the same things you will find in more traditional romcoms, but it makes sure to avoid going down the same road. It’s for a much broader audience that wants something more than the same old, some old. It’s a fun ride, and one that is well worth going on.

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