TIFF Next Wave ’17: Our Review Of ‘The Young Offenders’

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TIFF Next Wave ’17: Our Review Of ‘The Young Offenders’

Teenagers, Conor MacSweeney and Jock Murphy, do everything together. They dress alike, sound alike; they are like brothers. They also share a dream of being millionaires and living the ‘big life’ in Cork City.

Their dreams are about to come true as Jock hears there may be a chance to find a missing €7 million stash of drugs by the sea cost. The is how director Peter Foott’s hilariously funny take on a true story of Ireland’s biggest cocaine seizure, in 2007, begins.

Conor and Jock embark on a ‘road trip’ of sorts across Ireland’s coast in search of wealth. Along the way they are chased by a local cop; they are mistaken for someone else’s sons – and that’s even before they find their ‘treasure’. As they find and lose the stash of cocaine, they have to find a way to fend off the drug dealer that’s after them.

Throughout the film, it is evident that Conor and Jock’s lives have not been easy. There are some dysfunctionalities in their respective families, which adds up to their constant getting in trouble and being like brothers to each other.

Alex Murphy and Chris Walley do an excellent job as Conor and Jock Murphy, respectively. They portray their characters with genuine chemistry. Their friendship and bromance is quite believable. They really are decent teenagers who are hoping for a better life out of this adventure. Along with a great supporting cast, including P.J. Gallagher as the angry drug dealer, the film just gets better along the way.

Peter Foott as writer and director gives us a story that is both laugh out loud funny and heartfelt, if you will. The humour can be crude at times, but you will still find it hilarious, especially if you have seen other Irish films with young leads.  Some of the scenes towards the film’s climax may also appear outrageous yet Foott makes them all work together. At a fast-paced 83 minutes, Conor and Jock and their story never disappoint.

The Young Offenders screened as part of TIFF Next Wave Film Festival.

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