TIFF 2022: Our Review of ‘Tora’s Husband’

Posted in TIFF 2022 by - September 17, 2022
TIFF 2022: Our Review of ‘Tora’s Husband’

Films are a labour of love but just because doesn’t mean. Labour of love is also the way Jaan (Abhijit Das) does things. Living in the Assam region of India, he runs a restaurant that specializes in selling baked goods.

Jaan is also doing this during the pandemic which is making everyone, including his customers, more tense than they should be. How does he keep working in a failing industry while also trying to ensure that he and his family don’t drift apart?

I’ve read a few reviews of Rima Das’ Tora’s Husband which had a litany of complaints, the first of which is that it doesn’t keep viewer’s interest. In fairness, there are some dull moments in the film and it needs some editing.

It also does its best to use COVID as a main topic. Of course, India’s way of handling the pandemic is different from the way other countries, but it’s strange to see a restaurant be a fully operational one despite of the lockdown.

Characters also needs more full fleshing. It makes no sense for Jaan to run a family and two businesses yet still have time to drink with his friends, even if they’re always outdoors. There’s something culturally specific here that doesn’t translate.

The same goes for the supporting characters. Jaan’s children come off more annoying than usual. It also makes no sense that this movie has Tora’s Husband as the title, yet Tora ( Tarali Kalita Das) is barely present in the film.

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