TIFF 2016 Review: Highlights From Short Cuts Programme 7

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5 Films About Technology
Dir. Peter Huang

Satirical short about people’s dependence on technology and their personal devices. From Sunday With The Girls to Face Time & Geoffrey, all stories have a somewhat funny commentary on device use. Technology although helpful and fast, may actually be turning us into less efficient beings.

Good premise for the five short stories. Try not to blink so as not miss them, though.

Rating 3/5

Dir. Or Sinai

Anna is a divorced woman living with her only son. One night, she finds herself alone and doesn’t know how to spend this time on her own. She decides to go out in search for company.

She feels in need of male company. She thinks of someone she can have sex with; unfortunately that does not work out so well. She then finds a way to meet someone else whom she invites to spend the night. He hesitantly agrees but all’s well that ends well.

Good to see a film that does not shy away from these sort of topics. Eugenia Dodina as the lead character evokes the various emotions a woman in Anna’s situation may experience. Kudos to Sinai on winning first place in the Cinéfondation student film competition at Cannes this year.

Rating 3.5/5


Gods Acre
Dir. Kelton Stepanowich

The film stars Lorne Cardinal as Frank, who lives alone on his family’s ancestral Cree lands. Sadly, the water levels are rising due to climate change, and evacuation seems more necessary every day. Frank, however, refuses to leave as all the memories of his ancestors reside on this land. He is the last one standing, so to speak.

Timely in its themes, the film questions what can Frank do in this situation. If there is no hope to remain on this land, what can he do to honour his history and ancestors? Memory and history is often what one carries when all else is gone.

Rating 3/5

Dir. Charlotte Regan

Gary and Jenny share the front seat of a cop car; as we see their partnership evolve over time. There are many ups and downs as they get used to one another and their routine. Among steretypical ‘bad guys’ in backseat of the car, the status quo in this relationship continues until one goes for a promotion.

A film about friendship and the changes such relationships go through over time. Good use of space given the confined setting. Also some funny moments.

Rating 3/55filmsabouttechnology_01

TMG_103 (rough cut)
Dir. Walter Woodman

A behind-the-scenes look at the sexual politics on set, where a director pressures an actress into full nudity on the morning of her first sex scene. The dynamics of the situation make for some uncomfortable feelings as one watches this actress decide whether to go ahead and do this scene.

She clearly disagrees with the director. A few moments later, she agrees. Several takes later… and you can imagine how the scene plays out. Good to see Woodman dealing with this scenario that many are aware of, but not many bring it up for discussion.

Rating 3.5/5


Mon Sept 12, 6:45pm at Scotiabank Theatre Cinema 14
Sat Sept 17, 6:30pm at Scotiabank Theatre Cinema 11

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