‘The Novice’ – A Star Making Turn for Isabelle Fuhrman (Interview)

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‘The Novice’  – A Star Making Turn for Isabelle Fuhrman (Interview)

Isabelle Fuhrman takes competitive College rowing to the next level in The Novice.

Fuhrman plays Alex Dall, a queer college freshman who joins her university’s rowing team. She undertakes an obsessive physical and psychological journey to make it to the top varsity boat, no matter the cost. Intent on outperforming her teammates, Alex pushes herself to her limits and beyond. This alienates everyone around her in the name of success. Fuhrman’s fierce lead performance collides with Lauren Hadaway’s bold direction and dynamic editing. Together, they create a visceral window into a cutthroat world. Stylish cinematography and a seductive soundtrack complete the experience, evoking the romance and danger of falling in love; the attraction, the drama and the fallout. This unapologetic debut from Hadaway is based on her personal experience as a competitive collegiate rower. It heralds a bold new voice in storytelling. If you liked Whiplash, this one’s for you.

Lauren Hadaway is an LGBTQ+ writer/director with a background in sound editing and mixing. Hadaway was born and raised in a town formerly known as Possum Trot, Texas. There, not even the local video store carried much aside from major blockbusters. Hadaway developed a love of artsy films by reading about them in the newspaper. She tacked those clippings about films to her bedroom walls. She graduated summa cum laude with a double major in business and film from Southern Methodist University, before building a  career as dialogue/ADR supervisor on films including Justice League (both cuts), Operation Finale, The Hateful Eight, and Whiplash.

Hadaway is a 2018 Outfest Screenwriting Lab Fellow. Lauren’s debut feature The Novice takes inspiration from her own experience rowing competitively in college. The film, which stars Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan), Amy Forsyth (Beautiful Boy), and Dilone (Halston). It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in June. There, it won multiple awards including Best US Narrative, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography.

The Novice has been for nominated 5 Independent Spirit Awards, mainly Best Feature and Best Director for Lauren Hadaway. It got a nomination for Best Female Lead for Isabelle Fuhrman. Finally, it got nominations for Best Female Supporting Actress for Amy Forsyth and Best Editing.

Our Bonnie Laufer spoke with Isabelle Fuhrman about her intense work ethic to play Alex. She also got the scoop on the upcoming prequel to her hit movie called, Orphan: First Kill

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