The Good Fight: Our Review of ‘Aruanas’

Posted in What's Streaming? by - July 30, 2019
The Good Fight: Our Review of ‘Aruanas’

Brazilian TV giant Globo and its streaming service Globoplay has a new series out that’s called Aruanas. And what’s striking about it is its ambition, shooting its scenes in different locations throughout the country. It is, after all, a series about protecting the Amazon, a war that has two different battlegrounds. The battleground it shows the most, though, is the iconic Amazon and its quickly depleting rain forest.

Another way it shows its ambition is by the way it attacks the person responsible for deforestation. It doesn’t necessarily show the person they’re attacking – President Jair Bolsonaro, a tropical version of Trump. Instead it shows the fictional version of the male businessmen who are lining his pockets with dirty money. They’re already at the Amazon, cutting trees so that they can mine the forest’s potential golden reserves.

Globo makes this series available for a global market, as this show has subtitles in English, etc. It’s a network that mostly airs telenovelas, and strains of the genre and its tendencies show up. The show boasts four strong female characters from different racial background and from different walks of life. But fate finds all of them fighting as activists. Some of the episodes split them up but it’s nice to see them fight battles together.

Two of the characters who show up in the most episodes are Luiza Laes and Natalie Lima. Leandra Leal plays Luiza, who is often on the Amazon as much as her worthy adversaries. Deborah Falabella plays Nat, a serious journalist fighting her network bosses to show environmental and ecological issues. Together they make up Aruanas, an NGO getting its name from a resilient fish native to Brazil.

On their side Veronica Muniz (Tais Araujo) who is, for the most part, the good kind of lobbyist. She’s the character we mostly see when Aruanas fight battles taking place at the home front. Through her, the series shows the alienating future space that is Brasilia, home of the corrupt lobbyists. This is also were unnecessary sex shows up, as it reveals her affair with Nat’s connected husband.

The last person to join the group is Clara Ferreira (Thaina Duarte), starting out as an intern. The show implies her history of domestic abuse, which is a big deal for someone so young. Aruanas slightly mishandles that story line by trying to make her ex rescue her from prison. Nonetheless, although absent in one episode, Duarte, a young actress to watch, makes up for that lost time. I can’t wait to see more of her and Aruanas’s other members to save the world.

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  • Release Date: 7/5/2019
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