The Devil Wears Dior?… Our Review of ‘Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris’

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The Devil Wears Dior?… Our Review of ‘Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris’

Sometimes there are movies that come out that are simply just delightful and heartwarming and make audiences feel good. I always welcome movies like this, especially in today’s climate. Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris certainly delivers that and with some delightful performances, it certainly is a delight from start to finish. Think of a film that is along the lines of The Devil Wears Prada. But if Meryl Streep’s character was the lead and wasn’t as evil as the devil themself. Then you’d have Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.

The film focuses on Ada Harris played by the incomparable Lesley Manville as she plays a widowed house keeper. She makes just enough money to ends meet as her husband passed away during the war, leaving her to survive on her own. She is best friends with Vi portrayed by Ellen Thomas and is the affection of Archie’s eye, Jason Isaacs, who is truly just a harmless flirt.

However, everything changes for Mrs. Harris when she finds out that the military made a mistake. The military owes her a large sum of money. As she is cleaning for a client one day, she lays her eyes on of the most beautiful dresses she lays her eyes on, a Dior dress. She decides to work herself to the bone. And along with the extra money she receives for her husbands death, she decides to take herself to Paris to obtain herself a Dior dress of her own.

Upon in Paris, she is met by the rude and disdainfully unpleasant Claudine Colbert played by Isabelle Huppert. Claudine doesn’t believe Mrs. Harris should own a Dior. She believes Dior makes those gowns for women to show off and admire. She also believes couture doesn’t belong to the ‘help’ for lack of understanding. However, Mrs. Harris warms the hearts of Natasha (Alba Baptista) and Lucas (Andre Fauvel) as well as Marugerite (Roxane Duran). They are all inspired by Mrs. Harris as they’re all roughly in her position. And they wish to be in a position where they could strive to such goals as Mrs. Harris is hoping to achieve.

There is so much to love about Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris because of the direction and co-writing from Anthony Fabian that brings to life this joyfully packed story of woefulness and delight. What’s also delightful are terrific performances from the entire cast. Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris will delight audiences from start to finish. Lesley Manville is absolutely perfect as the housekeeper who will do anything for her clientele.

Manville also plays someone who finally decides to do one thing for herself in the hopes of just regaining that sense of astonishment for herself. She captures the heart of the audience. On the other hand the performance by Isabelle Huppert evokes such strong hatred. And the evil in her character is something only she can truly capture and deliver herself. It is an acting powerhouse built by these two legendary actresses. It gives the audience one delightful, emotionally packed tightly knit final film.

  • Release Date: 7/14/2022
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