The Cinematic Appreciation Society of Toronto celebrates the best that 2015 had to offer

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As the year kicks off with hope and creative abandon, it is also time to reflect as the Cinematic Appreciation Society of Toronto (or CAST) for short have chosen their best for the year that was 2015.  With over 170 different films mentioned, the action juggernaut Mad Max: Fury Road took the top spot over the intense romantic drama of Carol. 

In it’s now sixth year, with a record 41 different voters CAST prides itself on the unique cross section of voices that it brings together in a global cinematic hub like the city of Toronto truly is.  CAST proudly publishes the results from each member every single year and this year’s results from the entire voting body can be read right here. 2015_CAST_results.  In addition, every year they bring together a select group of voters to discuss the results in an annual CASTcast, which you can check out below as some of Toronto’s best and most passionate voices on film discuss the year that was.

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David Voigt is a Toronto based writer with a problem and a passion for the moving image and all things cinema. Having moved from production to the critical side of the aisle for well over 10 years now at outlets like, Criticize This, Dork Shelf (Now That Shelf), to.Night Newspaper he’s been all across his city, the country and the continent in search of all the news and reviews that are fit to print from the world of cinema.
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