Tense Family Drama…: Our Review of ‘We’re All in This Together’

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Tense Family Drama…: Our Review of ‘We’re All in This Together’

Katie Boland decided to take a leap of faith, much like the story she adapted for her first time writing directing and starring in a feature entitled We’re All in This Together. Her efforts certainly can use a little bit of touching up. But it is a very modest first feature for this young talent who certainly knows how to push herself. It is definitely hard enough to write a script, or direct a movie, or star in one but to wear all three hats and make it something cohesive. Something that tells a passionate story and certainly doesn’t hold back some of the punches, is a magnificent feat. It just would’ve been stronger if these characters got a little deeper.

The film focuses on Nicki played by Katie Boland, whose ambushed by a reporter about a video, pertaining to her mother, that has gone viral that she was unaware of. In the video it shows her mother, Kate played by Martha Burns taking a fall over a waterfall in a barrel and is now in a coma. Nicki is completed blindsided by the reporter and the turn of events. She ends up getting in touch with her sister, Finn also played by Boland. She reunites with her sister, her niece Paris played by Alisha Newton and Nick’s son Berlin played by Max Winter.

It is clear this family can be the poster children for the dysfunctional family. Both Nicki and Finn have a testy relationship amongst themselves. The relationship between Paris and Berlin is also significantly strained. And through all of this, they have to navigate the event’s they’ve found themselves battling with their mothers current situation. As things continue to escalate, tensions rise. And this family has to do something they’re not used to – bond together for the greater good.

The positives of the film are, even though it is a flawed performance, that Katie Boland is playing double duty on screen. She manages to balance both characters. She evinces that sisterly love hate relationship we’ve seen developed on screen multiple times before. It is nothing new, but its not bad nor is it revolutionary, it feels grounded however. The performance she gives just mirrors what one would assume is a turbulent relationship between actual sisters. It’s a feat she accomplishes by playing both roles.

Martha Burns playing the mother who is in the midst of a mental illness episode perfectly captures the struggles of mental illness. She also captures what it can do to those people affected and those around them. The cast all do a terrific job of handling a delicate situation carefully and thoughtfully. This proves that not everything is black and white. And we can’t wrap situations up in a package with a bow.

We’re All in This Together, despite being the title of the film feels like an allegory for the ongoing fight to end the stigma against mental illness. This is something Katie briefly mentions at the very end of the film. Everyone must band together, set aside their differences for one another and come to help the people who need it. Whether they be family or friends, everyone knows someone who is suffering from a mental illness one way or another. And if as a society we just stopped the stigma and let people get help and create a safe environment, the world would be a better place. I believe We’re All in This Together is trying to say exactly that. And the effort from Katie Boland who directs, writes, and plays double duty on camera certainly exemplifies that as well.

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