Social Media Exploits….: Our Review of ‘Follow Her’ for BITS 2022

Posted in BITS 2022, Festival Coverage, Movies by - November 30, 2022
Social Media Exploits….: Our Review of ‘Follow Her’ for BITS 2022

When capturing social media is done right and fully uses the subject’s potential, what audiences usually get is something truly satisfying. Sylvia Caminer’s Follow Her fully achieves that. Dani Barker, who penned the script, certainly doesn’t shy away from giving audiences something truly engrossing.

Aside from writing the script, Dani Barker also stars in the film as Jess Peters. Jess is trying to crack the top 10 on a Twitch-esque platform called The Hive. She isn’t above doing quite literally anything on her channel called Classified Crazies. She responds to Craigslist ads that aren’t entirely pornographic but can be sexual in content. And then, she records people without their knowledge to crack the top 10 on The Hive to start making some cash. However, when she meets Tom Brady (not that one) played by Luke Cook, not everything is as it seems. And the stress and intensity the audience now finds themselves wondering what kind of twisted game of cat and mouse is currently going on.

Follow Her works simply because of how it presents itself, while making it a movie that shows the glory and horrors of modern social media, it also refuses to just sugarcoat reality. More times than not those top creators aren’t just spreading joy by giving away money or playing video games. There’s usually some darkness behind the magic. This isn’t fully exposed in that sense. But there is always a risk when doing what Jess does in the film. And exploiting that in a tense and exiting thriller definitely keeps the audience engaged and wanting to follow Jess’ journey throughout. Dani Barker and Luke Cook certainly bring their all to the forefront of the film. And their chemistry and development add another element of suspense to Follow Her.

  • Release Date: 11/28/2022
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