Slow But Sure Buildup: Our Review of ‘The Man in the Hat’

Slow But Sure Buildup: Our Review of ‘The Man in the Hat’

The Man in the Hat originally came out in the United Kingdom back in September and is now getting a limited release in other countries. It is one of the most charming and cheery films to date.

A man in a hat (Ciarán Hinds) journeys through France in a Fiat 500 accompanied by a framed photograph of an unknown woman. He is pursued by five angry men who he saw commit a crime in a Citroën Dyane. 

Even with there being hardly any dialogue throughout the film it still finds a way to be just as expressive as if there was dialogue. One of the directors Stephen Warbeck, incorporates great music and many different sounds associated with the open roads of France. 

Co-directors Stephen Warbeck and John Paul Davidson do a marvelous job with the look and feel of the film, and each of the little events slowly building up on top of each other. The pacing is also really good with nothing dragging on for too long like some of the more cringe-worthy moments.

Nearly every shot of France is gushing with character and detail. From the long roads on a hot summer day to the rocky beach overseen by medieval bridges, it all looks so lovely. Even things like little restaurants and old towns in the countryside have so much pretty scenery. They look like art in a museum. 

Ciaran Hinds does a wonderful job as the man in the hat, being extremely charming. He only has a couple of lines in the movie so he uses his expressive face instead. It is very clear what he is currently feeling at each moment. Along his road trip of the French countryside, he meets some interesting characters. He meets a couple in yellow vests that continue to size everything with a tape measure. He also meets a woman on her bicycle who he continuously bumps into. At one point he accidentally drops his precious hat into a river and meets a bearded man who helps him get back. Each of the little stories associated with the people he meets slowly starts to play a part in his journey.

All though it may not have one of the most complex and action-packed stories in the world. The Man in the Hat is a delightfully gentle feel-good movie that will stick with you for a long time.

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Daniel is a developing young writer from the cold city of Calgary. To escape the climate he indulges in a love for films, novels, and comic books. He has a passion for Social Studies and pop culture and is pursuing media production. During high school he participated in Model UN and Av club, managing AV for school events and assemblies, and organized a film fundraiser to raise money for Remembrance Day.
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