Shorts That Are Not Pants Shorts Programme 4

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Shorts That Are Not Pants Shorts Programme 4

One fateful day can change a person’s life – they can take us away from those we love. They can also let us discover new people in our lives, giving us the meaning we’ve been searching for. And the movies in this Shorts Not Pants program show that well, for the most part.

Stephane Moukarzel’s Black Friday switches from that Friday to Christmas. Two different days in the life of a young woman (Carla Turcotte). She works in a wholesale warehouse with her father (Luc Senay). Moukarzel leads up to a ending that audiences know is coming but it’s devastating all the same.

David Verges’ Black Label is a humorous take on the worst day of someone’s work life. Gas station worker Erik (Marcel Borras) looks askance at a dance routine at a parking lot and he has every good reason to do so. Its quirkiness lengthens yet elevates this Spanish short film.

Phoebe Nell Williams’ The Neon North: Sacrifice is about a teenage girl. Luna Jenkins (Bonnie Ferguson) lives in a world where the government recruits teenagers into the military. The lighting is a bit distracting but watching a teenager deprogram herself is thrilling. Ferguson’s switch from cold to conscientious is great.

Emily Bayrock’s Letter To My Ex-Lover: A Conversation in 6 Parts is a short documentary that’s too reminiscent of A Ghost Story. It’s basically photographs of the interview subjects and their first loves, blacked out with whiteout. I’ve seen this done better before this year and for a much better purpose.

Lastly, there’s Richard Raymond’s Souls of Totality starring the greatest actress under 35, Tatiana Maslany. Gushing aside, she and her boyfriend Tom Cullen play cult members who are ambivalent about the modern world. There’s some minor plot quirks but otherwise there’s some great choreography that brings impact to its story.

  • Release Date: 11/24/2018
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