RWM 2021: Our Review of ‘Fire in the Mountains’

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RWM 2021: Our Review of ‘Fire in the Mountains’

Fire in the Mountains is a simmering domestic drama set in the visually stunning Himalayas. Written and Directed by Ajitpal Singh, Fire in the Mountains effectively unfolds around the classic conflict of modern versus traditional values and beliefs.

Fire in the Mountains centres its’ story around Chandra (Vinamrata Rai) and the many roles that she is currently having to juggle in her traditional village of Uttrarakhand in Northern India. Chandra is an assured businesswoman who runs a small hotel and is a caring mother of two children. Her children are Prakash (Mayank Singh) and Seema (Harshita Tewari). And she’s the wife of husband, Dharam (Chandan Bisht) who is a heavy drinker and a traditionalist. Chandra and Dharam have vastly different approaches in their care for their son Prakash. Chandra advocates for getting Prakash medical treatment whereas Dharam believes that their family has a curse and seeks religious intervention. Mountains also deals with the harsh realities of abuse, corruption and gender-based discrimination that Chandra faces in her conservative village.

Rai’s performance as Chandra is mesmerizing and memorable. It is a beautifully nuanced performance that really captures the emotional depth of Chandra. Singh beautifully juxtaposes Chandra’s struggles with the serene and lush beauty of the village. The Himalayas are visually stunning and the visuals and costumes are bright, colourful and engaging. Dominique Colin captures the wonderful exterior shots beautifully. The story of Chandra and her family is a steady, slow burn. It continually builds to an unexpected and intense climax. Unfortunately, the ending doesn’t completely deliver, particularly because of Chandra and the story is so engaging throughout the film, the ending feels abrupt and unsatisfying.  Still, Fire in the Mountains burns bright with its engrossing character-driven story, all around magnificent acting performances and gorgeous visuals. 

  • Release Date: 10/29/2021
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