Pendance Film Festival 2022: Our Review of ‘Superior’

Pendance Film Festival 2022: Our Review of ‘Superior’

Director Erin Vassilopoulos makes her feature-length directorial debut with Superior after making the acclaimed short film Valeria back in 2016.

On the run, after something went terribly wrong Marian (Alessandra Mesa) returns to her small hometown to hide out with her identical twin sister, Vivian (Ani Mesa) after being disconnected for years, which altered the trajectory of both their lives.

One of the film’s biggest strengths is in the relationship between Marian and Vivian. Both Alessandra Mesa and Ani Mesa are very good at capturing that sisterly connection given they are actually sisters. This is an interesting touch as their on-screen bond feels much more genuine throughout the film. Even if yes, the writing can feel a little too conventional, down to their personality traits. For instance, Marian has more of an edge, dressing in darker colors with eyeliner and wanting to do questionable things like getting a drink in the afternoon. On the other hand, Vivian dresses in much brighter colors, having a more positive attitude and an established life with her husband. On screen, we’ve frequently seen this exact type of relationship of the two opposites switching personalities to see things the other way. And Superior needed to change more things to differentiate it from the rest.

Aesthetically, everything is really nice as it takes place in a smaller town, giving it an 80s feel. Almost every house looks very old, having wooden interiors like a cabin and characters using vintage televisions. The types of cars also shown and clothing worn by the characters add even more to the retro set design. 

Superior is a stylish looking film with great acting from the two sisters. It needed to have more of a distinct story to stand out and to keep it from feeling too familiar.

  • Release Date: 3/12/2022
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