Paint Outside The Box….: Our Review of ‘The Protector’ from BITS 2022

Posted in BITS 2022, Festival Coverage, Live/Stage, Movies by - November 21, 2022
Paint Outside The Box….: Our Review of ‘The Protector’ from BITS 2022

Sometimes movies start off with great promise and intrigue and hook the audiences right away and instead of fully fleshing out those ideas decide to borrow from the past and go a conventional way. There is nothing wrong with doing something conventional it’s just not going to blow anyone away. It’s been seen, it’s been done, so it’s up the the actors and crew to do their job well. Doing so will make for an entertaining movie to watch. This is true even if it doesn’t add anything new and exciting to the genre.

The Protector focuses on Evelyn played by Chelsea Clark whose moved to a very small Canadian town to escape her troublesome past. Upon arriving in the town she mysteriously receives a book. This book reveals the details of a God that ensures peace and safety under their regime. However, there is a caveat, a human sacrifice and Evelyn believes she is that sacrifice. There are some interesting choices the film makes. This includes a mythic looking man played by Pras Lingam, whose story is more original and interesting that Evelyn’s. However, no one believes Evelyn and what she is describing. So it is up to her to not only protect herself but to also ensure nothing else can happen with this book.

The story takes a lot of conventional takes, and it misses the mark on something new and intriguing especially with Pras Lingam’s character. But it is Chelsea Clark’s performance that is the saving grace. Her presence and emotion she is able to convey throughout the film is what truly captivates the audiences and keeps them engaged throughout the feature. The Protector boasts a terrific performance. But its near entirety of paint by the numbers leaves a little more to be craved by audiences.

  • Release Date: 11/21/2022
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