Hello My Name is Justin Waldman and Welcome to: Our Review of ‘Jackass Forever’

Posted in Theatrical by - February 04, 2022
Hello My Name is Justin Waldman and Welcome to: Our Review of ‘Jackass Forever’

For twenty two years Johnny Knoxville and his cohorts have been entertaining the world with their absolutely moronic antics. They put their bodies at stake to make sure that the world is entertained. I’m sure you could tell Knoxville or Steve-O or any of those guys twenty two years ago they’d have SIX movies under their belt. They wouldn’t believe you, I don’t think anyone would believe you. But here we are, six movies and three seasons of tv later, watching dong jokes, brutal antics. There were also some truly cringy moments, but at the end we’re all laughing because they’re all masochists and we enjoy their pain.

There is zero plot to Jackass Forever, for that matter there is zero plot to any Jackass installment. It focuses on Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Wee-Man, and Dave England. And then there’s the newcomers, Zach Holmes and Rachel Wolfson as they all do incredibly dumb, stupid stunts for a wide audience to enjoy. The Jackass movies always try to do something new, whether that be injuring themselves and putting their health at risk. They do things like jumping into a sewage plant water system or renting a car, paying the insurance and then proceeding to enter that car into a demolition derby. Jackass always manages to deliver the laughs.

Jackass Forever doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it doesn’t even have entirely new concepts brought to the forefront. But redoing some of their classic bits are still hilarious and still give the audience what they’re looking for. There is nothing particularly funny seeing UFC Heavyweight Francis Ngannou come towards you. You know you’re about to have the hardest hitting heavyweight in the world clock you in the crotch. But when you’re not the one taking the hit it is incredibly hard not to laugh so hard you might crack a rib.

Moreover though, the world has been through enough these past two years, we’ve all been through the ringer. So thank you to the cast and crew (and yes you too Spike Jonze) for bringing us another Jackass movie. Through it, we could forget the pain these past few years have been, sit back and laugh so hard that we remember what joy feels like. There are some genuinely concerning moments in Jackass Forever that makes you think you just witnessed someone die. But thankfully no one in the film died during filming.

There are injuries, of course, but that’s to come with the territory of creating a Jackass movie. As well, lastly, please remember that everyone who partakes in Jackass is a professional and none of these stunts should ever be done on your own. They may not look like professionals, and they certainly do not act like professionals, tasing each other unprompted. BUt they are professionals, and the dangers are real. Jackass Forever is the latest entry into the franchise’s legacy, and the laughs keep on coming. Thank you Jackass.

  • Release Date: 2/3/2022
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