Ghostly Documentary: Our Review of ‘The House in Between’

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Ghostly Documentary: Our Review of ‘The House in Between’

Haunted houses are a favourite topic of horror movie lovers, and many believe they are more than just stories told to keep them up at night. Unfortunately, finding proof that ghosts exist is difficult to do. And when they do find some type of proof many don’t believe what they are seeing and think they are being tricked. The House In Between tries to change that. But unfortunately they are going to have to try a lot harder to convince most people.

Alice Jackson thought she had found the perfect place to live, so she had a house built on a plot of land in Florence, Mississippi. Unfortunately for her, shortly after moving in, she started experiencing odd things. Things like doors opening and closing on their own, strange sounds, lights turning off and on, and much more. Eventually she decided she couldn’t live in her house anymore, and called upon paranormal investigators to help her out. After finding out about the house, documentary makers Steve Gonsalves and Kendall Whelpton decide to look closer into the phenomenon.

If you are looking for something that will scare you, The House In Between isn’t it. It’s really nothing more than one of the cheesy tv ghost hunter shows you see late at night. And it offers no more proof that something paranormal exists in either Alice’s house or the rest of the world than one of those shows do. The so-called experts come off as kooks with nothing better to do in their lives than hope to find proof of a ghost. The only proof they can even demonstrate is a tennis ball that rolls down the staircase in the house from time to time. Or that doors that open and close seemingly on their own. In a way this movie comes off like it’s part of the Paranormal Activity franchise instead of a documentary.

The House In Between isn’t just focused on the possibilities of the house being haunted by a spirit though. Gonsalves and Whelpton also toss around ideas of aliens and inter-dimensional beings looking for a way to communicate. They even bring up physical reasons such as the house being off balance. They don’t want to leave any stone untouched after all. Unfortunately the movie doesn’t answer any questions it poses. And it leaves you with a bunch of reaches as to what might be happening. Really, watching this film isn’t much better than watching paint dry.

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