Focus on the Monster Vs The Human….: Our Review of ‘Shifted’ for BITS 2022

Posted in Festival Coverage, Movies by - November 28, 2022
Focus on the Monster Vs The Human….: Our Review of ‘Shifted’ for BITS 2022

While were still in the midst of a pandemic that most of the world, and more importantly people in charge would like to forget exists, were bound to have some more COVID movies. However, not all COVID movies have to feel like COVID movies, and Adrian Konstant’s Shifted which is co-written by Jason T. Green and Adrian themselves, it’s a COVID movie that still lets you escape the grim reality were living in.

There is a new disease plaguing the world that turns people into monstrous killers, inhuman even, they have become overtaken by creatures and then become the creatures themselves. Leaving the house guarantees your death. So what do you do when you’re inside with a bunch of neighbours and not everything is as it seems? Chaos certainly ensues. What works for Shifted is the film making that Adrian Konstant brings to the forefront to create tense moments and uses camera angles and other techniques to create a world of sheer horror. However where the movie unfortunately falls apart is in the human elements of the movie.

The script doesn’t play itself out as a whodunnit behind whose killing people inside the house. The film tells the audience this almost immediately. But none of the characters are developed. We have a tense world of a plague turning people into killing creatures. The characters consisting of William, Derek, Becka, Jimmy, Cindy and Frankie. Playing them are Michael Wurtz, Derek Lackenbauer, Victoria Dunsmore, Brian Otto, Alyssa Anne Blasak and Zach Parsons. All just don’t have the opportunity to shine and do anything with their characters. Shifted shifts from a character driven story to a monster movie with characters lacking human depth. But it boasts some wonderful direction that creates a world to still get lost in.

  • Release Date: 11/28/2022
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