Domhnall and Brian Gleeson discuss their new series, ‘Frank of Ireland’

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Domhnall and Brian Gleeson discuss their new series, ‘Frank of Ireland’

Ready for some laughs? Look no further than the new Amazon Prime Video series, Frank of Ireland.

Domhnall and Brian Gleeson (sons of Brendan) have written, produced and star in the new series, Frank of Ireland.

It’s a hilarious six-part series about a couple of man-children who have responsibility issues. There’s Frank Marron (Brian), now in his thirties, who has never held a job in his life. So what is a guy like that to do? He lives in Dublin at home with his mother! His loyal friend Doofus (Domhnall) has big dreams but can’t seem to get a break and is stuck in a rut as Frank’s best pal. Clearly, how can you NOT get hooked on a series where one of the main characters is named Doofus?

The series is original and fresh and has plenty of heart. While the humour might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s hard to look away from these characters and not go along for the ride with their absolute ridiculousness.

It’s clear that the Gleesons are having way too much fun with these roles and the piece de resistance is when their real life dad Brendan drops by for the season finale playing an older carbon copy of Frank.

It’s also a riot seeing Domhnall Gleeson in comedic mode as of late because we are so used to seeing him in more dramatic parts. Still, the joy is watching these two brothers play out these insanely annoying but truly lovable characters.

Frank of Ireland debuts on Amazon Prime Video April 23rd.

Our Bonnie Laufer caught up with brothers Brian and Domhnall Gleeson via ZOOM to talk about the series, shooting on location in Ireland and what life was like growing up in the Gleeson household.


  • Release Date: 4/23/2021
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