Cinefranco 2022: Our Review of ‘Confessions (2022)’

Posted in Festival Coverage by - November 11, 2022
Cinefranco 2022: Our Review of ‘Confessions (2022)’

Luc Picard won the Borsos Award for Best Direction at the Whistler Film Festival for Confessions for showing something so basic that viewers sometimes forget it. That hitmen are also human beings. Picard plays notorious contract killer Gerald Gallant and also shows him as a one time stalker who is so successful at his target that he never does it again. That target is Jocelyn Lacroix (Sandrine Bisson), a funeral worker whose hobbies include bicycling.

Gerald and Jocelyne eventually have an affair, as she opens up about her her job exposes her to boring people who never live their lives. And during one of their breakfast in bed sessions, she pulls out a newspaper showing a composite sketch of a hitman who looks like just him. Despite of this, though, she trusts him. She eventually becomes both his mistress and his ride or die, helping him before his hits.

The read Gerald carried out 27 hits, and because of Jocelyne’s job, she gets to be in at least one of the crime scenes. The film does a competent job at making their conflict the big one. Jocelyne wants to be a part of his world despite of him not wanting her to have further involvement than she already does. Picard also uses cool dark colours during certain times although I wish he took more aesthetic risks.

Otherwise, it is interesting that Picard gives enough spotlight on the female characters on Gerald’s life. There’s Jocelyne, there’s his frosty mother Hyacinth (Catherine de Lean and Louise Portal), and there’s his don’t do the brave thing wife Pauline (Eveline Gelinas). Yes, they’re a bit tropey but he mixes those tropes up enough to make them seem fresh. His direction also gives a balance so it seems like Gerald has some free will.

  • Release Date: 11/12/2022
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