Charming Romance: Our Review of ‘Finding You’

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Charming Romance: Our Review of ‘Finding You’

At some point or another we all take a step back to find ourselves. We can’t determine whether that takes days, months or years. But we all reach that point eventually and we usually come back with more than we were expecting to find. The new film by director Brian Baugh, Finding You, explores that very idea.

Finley (Rose Reid) has dreams of being a concert violinist, but unfortunately she’s having trouble finding her musical voice and is unable to pass the audition for the school she wants to attend. Rather than explore another career option, she decides to study abroad for a semester in hopes that the charming, small Irish town her brother studied in can inspire her the way it inspired him. While the town is far from distractions, one manages to find her in the form of Beckett Rush (Jedidiah Goodacre), a popular movie star filming his latest blockbuster.

Even though Finding You looks like a typical rom-com meant for a specific audience, it’s charming and touching enough that it will make anyone smile. Part of the reason for that is because Reid and Goodacre work well together and don’t play their roles in the stereotypical way most actors in a rom-com do. Reid plays Findley with a strong-willed determination that doesn’t fall for her partner’s games. She treats their romance like a fling, even stating several times that she doesn’t trust him. In fact any tears shed during the film are for different reasons other than romance. Goodacre on the other hand doesn’t play the typical dick who still manages to somehow get the girl.

Goodacre’s character has complicated layers that make you feel bad for him, yet his sweetness still manages to shine through. That is not an easy role to play, and Goodacre does it like a real pro. Where Finding You has issues is the length of the film. There are too many storylines running throughout that make the story more complex then it needs to be. Some of them are definitely needed to help the story avoid the typical rom-com neighborhood and helps advance the plot. Meanwhile, others could be cut to tighten up the overall final product. There was also the unnecessary special effects from Beckett’s film that he could have cut as they serve no purpose whatsoever.

If you overlook the flaws, Finding You is a fun, entertaining film that almost anyone could find themselves drawn to. It’s charming and sweet, and watching it is a great way to spend an evening.

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