Catching Up with Karen Allen on the 40th Anniversary of Indiana Jones

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Catching Up with Karen Allen on the 40th Anniversary of Indiana Jones

Karen Allen has had a great career but nothing is dearer to the actress than her memorable role as Marion Ravenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The 69 year old actress who first wowed us on screen in Animal House (1978) has gone on to have a pretty fantastic and memorable career. But she acted opposite Harrison Ford and getting to star in one of most iconic films of all time. And that holds a special place in her heart! 

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark, all four Indiana Jones movie adventures are coming out on 4K Ultra HD for the First Time on June 15th. You can now relive the unforgettable exploits of world-renowned, globetrotting hero Indiana Jones.

The cinematic classic that started it all—Raiders of the Lost Ark—celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, having first introduced audiences to the man with the hat on June 12, 1981. Forty years later, the legendary hero continues to captivate new generations of fans.

Now, for the first time ever, all four films are available together in 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Vision®. It also comes with HDR-10 for ultra-vivid picture quality and state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos® audio*. Technicians have meticulously remastered each film from 4K scans of the original negatives with extensive visual effects work done. This ensured the most pristine and highest quality image. Director Steven Spielberg approved all picture work.

In addition, Skywalker Sound remixed all four films. That took place under the supervision of legendary sound designer Ben Burtt to create the Dolby Atmos® soundtracks. Sound mixers used all original sound elements to achieve the fully immersive Dolby Atmos® mixes. And they accomplished this while staying true to each film’s original creative intent.

The INDIANA JONES 4-MOVIE COLLECTION includes a collectible booklet with behind-the-scenes images from all four films. They present each film on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc with original theatrical trailers and access to digital copies. The set also includes a Blu-ray™ with seven hours of previously released bonus content as detailed below:

On Set with Raiders of the Lost Ark
From Jungle to Desert
From Adventure to Legend
Making the Films
The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981 documentary)
The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark
Making of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
The Making of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
The Making of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (HD)
Behind the Scenes
The Stunts of Indiana Jones
The Sound of Indiana Jones
The Music of Indiana Jones
The Light and Magic of Indiana Jones
Raiders: The Melting Face!
Indiana Jones and the Creepy Crawlies (with optional pop-ups)
Travel with Indiana Jones: Locations (with optional pop-ups)
Indy’s Women: The American Film Institute Tribute
Indy’s Friends and Enemies
Iconic Props (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) (HD)
The Effects of Indy (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) (HD)
Adventures in Post Production (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) (HD)

Our Bonnie Laufer caught up with Karen Allen for a quick ZOOM chat. They discussed Allen’s memories of being part of this iconic film series. 

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