Canadian Film Fest 2020 (On Super Channel): Our Review of ‘Shoot to Marry’

Canadian Film Fest 2020 (On Super Channel): Our Review of ‘Shoot to Marry’

Funny and poignant, Shoot to Marry is a documentary that hits a little close to home, as writer/director, and Toronto resident, Steven Markle tries to find the woman he is supposed to be with.

While ruminating on his failed relationship, he begins to shape a documentary as he interviews women about what they are looking for in love, a partner, and hey, would they like to go out for a drink?

Frequently laugh out loud funny, and unnervingly awkward and uncomfortable, Markle’s efforts, seemed to happen when I was going through the same thing, in the same city. We even reached out to the same Matchmaker – Sofi Papamarko.

Watching Markle put himself out there, recalls my own tribulations at the same time. And consequently, it was hard not to project myself into the situation as I remembered dates, women, and the constant need for reassurance that I wasn’t always able to provide to myself.

As he turns his camera on to professional cuddlers, artists, sex clubs, hat designers, he (and the viewer) discovers that there are wonder women all around. That is, after he finally stops talking about himself, and actually begins to listen, to engage in two-way conversation.

It’s easy to say that communication is the key, along with patience, attraction and friendship. But these things need to be worked at, can’t be rushed. And if you are lucky enough to find them with someone, then take the time to care, to pay attention, to invest, to work at it.

Shoot to Marry doesn’t tell us anything new. But it is a delight (and damned funny) seeing that being single and lonely, and the desire to be loved is a shared experience. One that some of us are lucky enough to get through when the right person comes along.

Super Channel and Canadian Film Fest partner to bring virtual festival to film fans. On Saturday, June 6, Shoot to Marry comes to Super Channel.

  • Release Date: 6/6/2020
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