Canadian Film Fest 2020 (On Super Channel): Our Review of ‘Alone Across The Arctic’

Canadian Film Fest 2020 (On Super Channel): Our Review of ‘Alone Across The Arctic’

Alone Across The Arctic which is debuting tonight at 9PM on Super Channel Fuse (you can sign up through Prime Video channels for a free trial NOW) is a fascinating look at the noble and often a little crazy lengths that the human spirit will go to achieve something that for all intents and purposes most of us wouldn’t even begin to think about trying.

It will take a full repertoire of survival skills that acclaimed explorer Adam Shoalts will have to call upon for an extraordinary trek across 4000 kilometers of our very great, wide and remote northern territories.  From the Yukon to Nunavut in a race against the elements this film follows this intrepid adventurer who has been dubbed ‘Canada’s Indiana Jones’ every step of the way.

Alone Across The Arctic is one of those films that you have to admire but also shake your head it just a little bit as it takes us along this uneven yet compellingly beautiful trek.

You can’t help but appreciate the stark beauty that Shoalts and director Francis Luta manage to capture in our great country which makes it worth the viewing alone.

Given that the bulk of the film focuses on Shoalts and his time alone in the great white north there was a similarly compelling story of his friends and loved ones that we only saw a little bit of at the beginning of the film and I would have wanted to see more about the psychological effects that a four month trek like this in the middle of nowhere would have on those left behind to worry and wonder.

Ultimately, Alone Across The Arctic is worth watching just to appreciate the sheer magnitude of the feat, but it’s got even more interesting stories buried beneath its surface.

  • Release Date: 5/22/2020
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