Meet The Authors


David Voigt, has been a lover of cinema all his life and an actual underpaid critic for a solid 5 years covering everything that the city of Toronto has to offer. He was a content manager in video distribution industry before that and his love of all things cinema goes back to his first moments in awe looking up at the big screen. His 12 years of experience on the home entertainment side of the business have provided him with a unique view on what is worth spending your hard earned entertainment dollars on. Combine that with his unquestioned love of film, David should be your only stop to find out about the best in film, not only in Toronto, but worldwide.


Anthony is a lover of a good story in any form, on any subject. Tirelessly navigating filmdom, he is equal parts an unbridled idealist and stubborn curmudgeon, trying to strike a balance between head and heart when it comes to pop culture. He pens stories about television, music, the environment, lifestyles, and all things noteworthy and peculiar.


Amy Seidman is a Toronto based writer for Fangoria, Shock Till You Drop/, Thrillist, Diabolique, and Delirium. She has a tattoo tribute to Castor Troy from Face/Off and is currently working on her Bates Motel fan fiction "Masterbates Motel." She is proud of her life decisions. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
I, Andrew Robinson, solemnly swear not to take any of this movie thing too serious. I, like many, came to internet with nothing but love in my heart, found nothing but vile hatred and decided to see what I could to do to make it better. Between that and my constant rewatching of The Three Amigos as a child I can't help but smile with the movies. I hope you will smile with me. You can find more of my writings and my podcasts over at
Long ago, in the age of video stores and late fees, Anil dreamed of the day that he would write about movies - so he got himself a job at the local Blockbuster Video, and put himself through York University's prestigious Television and Film program. Although it was culturally uncommon, he graduated in high Honours Specializing in Film Theory and Criticism, with a minor in Screenwriting. He found that the wide range of focus and growing interest in television and world cinema, writing and discussing topics in this medium is both a passion and excellent ice-breaker for those awkward silences at social gatherings! Plus, he finds that it's always nice to have that one guy in the group who can quote the line you're trying to reference, or settle the debate on the who, what, why, when and where of all your TV and Movie banter! His name is Anil! And you should check him out.
Ariel Fisher calls Toronto home – a city bustling with an ever-expanding food and film culture. A fan of subversive cinema, she contributes to Rue Morgue Magazine, as well as websites Row Three and Sound on Sight where she was Assistant Editor. She has been a guest on various podcasts including MAMO, Time Bandits, The Dew Over, and the Matinee Cast. She has also written for such websites as Gotham News, Xavier Pop and Movie Marker. She’s passionate – and loud – about film, and loves friendly yet challenging discussions. She has her own website at and you can find her on Twitter and Instagram @afis8.'
Courtney has been sharing his thoughts on film online since 2006. The founder of Cinema Axis, he frequently celebrates diversity in cinema as one of the co-hosts of the Changing Reels podcast on Modern Superior. A regular on the Regent Radio program Frameline, Courtney has contributed to several publications including Black Girl Nerds, Comix Asylum Magazine and The Grid Does TIFF. He is also a member of both the Canadian Association of Online Film Critics and the Online Film Critics Society.
Galadriel fell in love with the movies when she was taken to see Superman at the age of three. Legend has it she watched the whole thing standing up with her jaw on the floor. She went on to see Superman four more times in the theatre and developed a lifelong passion for film. Galadriel earned a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto which she parlayed into a ten year stint at Blockbuster Video and more recently a career in nursing. But some things never change – she still loves movies and counts Gone with the Wind, Amadeus, The Shawshank Redemption, La Dolce Vita and the films of Michelangelo Antonioni among her favourites. She is also obsessed with the Oscars and knows more about them than any one person should. Galadriel currently lives in Toronto with her husband and young daughter who is soon to see her very first movie in the theatre.
Heidy has a love of fine art history, films, books, world issues, music and science, leading her to share her adventures on her website ( , and as a contributor at other outlets. She loves sharing the many happenings in Toronto and hopes people will go out and support the arts in any fashion possible.
Based in Montreal, Jason spends 40 hours a week at a desk, in front of a computer screen, doing work that has nothing to do with his love of genre cinema. What he does with the rest of his time is his own damn business, but you can bet that a good chunk of that time is spent watching horror films. Occasionally, he even writes about them. While he has no background in academic film studies, he knows what he likes and is not too shabby at turning a phrase. An avid consumer of all things pop culture, Jason has had the pleasure of covering the Fantasia Festival for various outlets since 2009, and hopes to be given the opportunity to do so for many years to come.
My name is Joe Zipeto and I'm a computer programmer, but in my spare time I enjoy watching movies. I watch a wide range of films, but I prefer the horror genre. I especially enjoy the experiences built around the promotion of movies, such as special screenings with cast and crew, events tied to fan conventions, and the more recent virtual reality experiences that extend the narrative outside the theatre. My favourite film franchise is Mad Max.
Kirk Haviland has spent over 20 years working in Entertainment Retail which has enabled him to have a unique opinion and perspective on film and music. Along with being a well known figure around Toronto film festivals and movie repertory houses with his trademark spiked locks and jovial attitude, Kirk is also works for the "Blood in the Snow" Canadian Film Festival in multiple positions. Opinionated and outspoken yet easily approachable, Kirk writes for multiple outlets in the city of Toronto, and is very happy to bring his unique perspective to the readers at IN THE SEATS.
While Paolo Kagaoan is not taking long walks in shrubbed areas, he occasionally watch movies and write about them. His credentials are as follows: he has a double major in English and Art History. This means that, for example, he will gush at the art direction in the Amityville house and will want to live there, which is a terrible idea because that house has ghosts. Follow him @paolokagaoan on Instagram but not while you're working.
Sarah has had a love affair the silver screen her entire life. Movies have always found a way to impact her life and she has always connected with the magic it has to offer. With a BA in Honours English Language and Literature, Sarah enjoys translating that magic, and sometimes the lack thereof, to the written word. Sarah is a stay at home mom with newborn twin boys and looks forward to the days where she can share her love of film with them. She counts The Last of the Mohicans, The Lord of the Rings -The Two Towers, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Army of Darkness, Goodfellas, Jaws and It's a Wonderful Life as some of her favourites.
Victor Stiff is a Toronto-based freelance writer and pop culture curator. Victor currently contributes insights, criticisms, and reviews to several online publications where he has extended coverage to the Toronto International Film Festival, Hot Docs, Toronto After Dark, Toronto ComiCon, and Fan Expo Canada. Victor has a soft spot in his heart for Tim Burton movies and his two poorly behaved beagles (but not in that order).