Worst Movies Of 2021

Posted in Blog by - December 30, 2021
Worst Movies Of 2021

For every award nominated and winning film, there are many more disappointing ones that come out each year. That’s part of the reason the Golden Raspberry Awards exist, to highlight some of the worst of the worst. 2021 was no different. While some of the films will be up for Oscars and Golden Globes, including The Tragedy of Macbeth, The Power of the Dog, and even Spider-Man: No Way Home, we’ll forget the other movies that don’t get the same awards attention. To save yourself some time here are some of the films we suggest skipping.

Thunder Force: With the latest Spider-Man film running rampant over the box office it’s impossible to say that the superhero genre has played itself out, but with The Eternals and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, this year has had its fair share of duds. Mellissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer’s Netflix film is at the top of the list. It’s supposed to be a comedy and not a film to take seriously in the first place. But it’s not funny, and it’s not entertaining in the least. Sort of like McCarthy’s other bomb this year, The Starling, but that’s another story.

Dear Evan Hanson: Musicals are a hard sell at the box office in recent years, but when you take a beloved Broadway hit and turn it into a steaming pile of, well you know, you might find audiences hard to come by. Part of the problem was casting the first actor who played the role on Broadway (Ben Platt). The film then de-aged him so he can continue playing a high-school student. But another part is the fact that the movie version plays like a sappy high-school play. The only reason any of us see a high-school play in the first place is because our kid is in it. We watch them regardless of whether or not they’ll be good.

The Matrix Resurrections: This film is the result of taking a hit film from over 20 years ago and trying to find the magic all over again. The film suffers from endless dialogue that is supposed to impress us. There’s much less action sequences than there should be. And there’s a meta attitude that makes us shake our heads more than wow us. It’s hard to believe it was possible to make a sequel worse than the first two sequels. But congratulations Warner Bros., you did it.

Old: M. Night Shyamalan has had an interesting career. He made films that have kept us on our toes and entertained us. Or he made horrible films that make lists like this. His latest, Old, is one of the latter. The film can’t decide if it wants to be a horror film, a drama, or a mystery. What it does is make us wish we hadn’t of paid money and time to watch it. Shyamalan showed so much promise with The Sixth Sense, but it seems like his first film may have been his peek.

Red Notice: With a cast of Ryan Reynolds, The Rock and Gal Gadot you’d think you’d have an amazing film on your hands that everyone would want to see. On one hand, Netflix did such a great job promoting this film that it became their biggest ever hit. On the other hand, once people actually saw the film they quickly forgot about it. Is it just us, or has Ryan Reynolds become a parody of himself? He seems to just play Deadpool in every single movie he’s in now. If you include Free Guy and Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard he stars in three of the worst movies of the year.

Space Jam: A New Legacy: The original Space Jam is far from being Shakespeare, but at least Michael Jordan had some semblance of screen presence. The same cannot be said for LeBron James who actually seemed comfortable in front of a camera in 2015’s Trainwreck. LeBron’s performance aside, whoever decided that it would be a good idea to include almost every character owned by Warner Bros, including the murderous Pennywise the Clown from It and Alex DeLarge and the droogs from A Clockwork Orange, and cut out Pepe Le Pew because he’s too controversial, should have their head examined.

The Tomorrow War: It wasn’t just Netflix and Warner Bros. releasing some terrible films this year, but Amazon had some duds of their own. The Tomorrow War was confusing as hell, and Chris Pratt proved once again he’s not much more than a one trick pony. The special effects and action weren’t great either, leaving this film laughable instead of entertaining.

Spiral: This one shouldn’t be too surprising, after all it is a spin-off of sorts from the Saw franchise which slowly went downhill with each sequel.  The film is meant to draw in new audiences by toning down the gore. Meanwhile, it keeps enough gore in to bring back the fans of the original series. Unfortunately, neither group enjoyed it, thanks in part to a disjointed plot and paper thin characters. Saw will most likely remain dead from now on, or at least we hope so.

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