What We Know (So Far) About ‘Inside Out 2’

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What We Know (So Far) About ‘Inside Out 2’

Ah, Inside Out, the classic 2015 Pixar movie that took us inside the mind of a tween girl named Riley. And what did we find there? A team of hardworking emotions that guided her through life. Starring Amy Poehler as Joy (as in the emotion, not just the woman’s name) and a bevy of talented comic actors, such as Mindy Kaling as Disgust, the original Inside Out was a hit that brought in hundreds of millions at the box office. So, it’s not surprising that Pixar is returning to Riley’s brain for a second installment. Only this time, everyone’s favourite hockey player from Minnesota is going through puberty! And as anyone who’s been through puberty knows, that’s an emotionally messy process…

Inside Out 2 picks up two years after the first film ends. Riley, now preparing to start high school, is headed to an elite hockey camp with her two best friends.  But can she balance her existing friendships while impressing the cool older girls at hockey camp and learning how to use deodorant? Maybe…with a little help from the voices in her head…

Here’s a list of what we know so far about Inside Out 2, coming to movie theatres on June 14th.

Joy and Sadness Have Become Besties!

Sadness (Phyllis Smith) was Joy’s nemesis at the start of Inside Out, but over the course of the movie, the spritely Joy learned that every emotion – even Sadness – has its place in Riley’s life. And apparently, that epiphany stuck! In Inside Out 2, Joy prepares for an adventure with sadness, declaring, “Where I go, you go!” Yay! Of course, emotional sidekicks Fear, Anger, and Disgust are also back for the ride.

Riley Has Adjusted To Life In San Francisco!

The inciting force for Riley’s mental health crisis in the last film was her family’s big move from Minnesota to San Francisco. At one point, Riley is so despondent over the transition that she even tries to run away from her new home. However, now that she’s adjusted to her new surroundings, Riley is a happy San Franciscan. When we catch up with her, she’s playing on a winning hockey team and has two besties. All of this growth is helping Riley form her “Belief System,” a gorgeous realm where Riley’s memories hang out in what looks like an ethereal lagoon. At the center of our girl’s belief system is this sweet mantra: “I am a good friend.” But can life stay sunny for our almost-high schooler?

New Emotions Are Moving Into Riley’s Head

While our beloved old emotions are all returning for the sequel, they’re about to face some stiff competition from new feelings. Anxiety (Maya Hawke) is determined to dominate Riley’s brain – even if it means picking a fight with Joy! But as Anxiety sees it, she’s not a villain, she’s there to help Riley by saving her from “what might happen in the future.” Just like your real-life Anxiety, this character is good at rationalizing her worries!

Other newbies include The Bear‘s beloved Ayo Edebiri as Envy and Paul Walter Hauser as Embarrassment. And speaking of embarrassment, this cast is a veritable embarrassment of riches!

There’s Been Some Recasting 

Mindy Kaling’s portrayal of Disgust was one of the most memorable parts of the first film. Unfortunately, she will not be reprising her role for this second outing. On a happier note, talented comedienne Liza Lapira is taking over. In Lapira’s capable hands, Disgust keeps her edge! Bill Hader, who played Fear in 2015, has also left the cast. However, Tony Hale’s Fear is so spot-on you won’t even notice Heder’s departure!

Inside Out 2 is in theatres everywhere June 14th


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