WFF 2021: Our Review Of ‘Moon Manor’

Posted in Festival Coverage by - December 03, 2021
WFF 2021: Our Review Of ‘Moon Manor’

How would you do it if you could chose the time and manner of your death? Moon Manor asks that very question, while showing that death doesn’t have to be a depressing moment in time.

Jimmy’s (James ‘Jimmy’ Carrozo) Alzheimer is getting worse, and rather than wait for it to claim everything about him that he holds dear, he’s decided to end his life. Jimmy intends to die the same way he lived, with humor and zest, surrounded by his friends. He plans on hosting a ‘Fun-eral’ to celebrate his life before popping some pills and overdosing. He invites more people. These invitees include an obituary writer to write his story and his brother whom he doesn’t get along with.

Moon Manor deals with a very deep and controversial topic, but it does so in a very humane and compassionate way. Jimmy is a very proud man who wants to have that final bit of control of his life before God or whoever wrests it from him. The film is inspired on James ‘Jimmy’ Carrozo’s real life, with many of the stories his own. While the actor is still very much alive, he makes it known as the credits role that when the time comes, he wants that same control. Jimmy is compelling and interesting, and you sit on his every word waiting to hear his every thought on the matter.

While Moon Manor may not be for everyone, death is a part of everyone’s lives. Why not be a part of the celebration where everyone tells you how great you are? When you die you can’t hear a word people say about you. Everyone wants to die with dignity, so is deciding to make sure that you do such a bad thing? That’s up to you to decide.

  • Release Date: 12/3/2021
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