TJFF 2022: Our Review of ‘Rose’

Posted in Festival Coverage by - June 13, 2022
TJFF 2022: Our Review of ‘Rose’

Even though a lot has changed over the last 50 years, women still have it a lot harder than men do. Women have to deal with their own roles that they’ve created for themselves and had been created for them over time. In many cases, especially among the older generation, they’ve defined themselves by two distinct roles, that of a wife and a mother. Director Aurélie Saada takes a close look at what happens when those roles disappear in her debut film Rose.

Rose (Françoise Fabian) has spent her life being a wife and a mother. These roles have defined her, and made her who she is. After her husband passes away, she starts to notice that her remaining family doesn’t need her to play those roles anymore. At first she struggles with the upheaval in her life, but soon she finds an unexpected peace as she is able to redefine her life. The only question is, will society accept her new self?

Saada uses her film to speak out against conformity, especially when it comes to the way society views and deals with older woman. To her age is just a number that shouldn’t define what anyone can or cannot do. The world is not just for the young, but for everyone willing to take a chance. It’s a fantastic message that comes across very well. And Francoise Fabian’s brilliance in the role shines through, further stressing the point the movie is trying to make.

The best comedies are ones that have a point behind them, and Rose is at the top of its class. It does create what some may deem to be controversial assumptions. Specifically, on how older women should act in order to advance themselves. But it’s still a fun film you won’t soon forget.


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