Timely Film: Our Review of ‘Fear’

Timely Film: Our Review of ‘Fear’

For some films the timing of their release is perfect, but in the case of director Ivaylo Hristov’s latest film Fear, not only is the timing right, but the part of the world it’s set in is perfect as well.

Fear is the story of Sveta (Svetlana Yancheva), a lonely widow who recently lost her job and lives in a small town near the Bulgarian-Turkish border. Like many in her town she’s fearful. There are many refugees who pass through from Africa looking for a better life in Germany. But when she stumbles upon one such refugee named Bamba (Michael Flemming) her view of the world starts to change. At first she wants to turn him in, but she gives him a place to sleep for the night instead. Even though they can’t understand one another’s words, they forge a relationship. And Sveta protects him from the town who desperately want him to leave.

While the subject of Fear is just that, fear, Hristov uses humor to show how ridiculous the townsfolk are. Their attempts at getting rid of Bamba grow increasingly absurd, but the reality of the situation is not. Eventually things spiral into violence, and the viewer starts to feel their own growing fear for both of the lead characters. It’s the philosophical aspect of the movie that really helps it to shine. Many towns, cities and people feel the same way the characters of this movie does, even if they aren’t willing to go to the same lengths.

People judge refugees simply because their language is different and they can’t express themselves the way the locals expect them to. Hristov chose to shoot this film in black and white. Through this, he shows his viewers the way many look at the world. When really, they need to see the colour in it. He doesn’t seem to have faith in politicians or the media in handling it either. He makes them out to be inept and fear-mongers.

Bigotry, racism and hate are ever present throughout the movie. But it’s really a love story about two lonely people who unexpectedly find each other. They’re together even though they don’t speak the same language. The two themes plays off of one another and create something unique and special that needs to be paid close attention to. Especially these days when too many people must flee their homes to look for a better life.

  • Release Date: 3/11/2022
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