TIFF 2023: Our Review of ‘Quiz Lady’

Posted in Festival Coverage, Film Festivals, Movies, TIFF 2023 by - September 10, 2023
TIFF 2023: Our Review of ‘Quiz Lady’

Dear readers, I am delighted to report Quiz Lady is a damn delight! Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Jessica Yu, it stars Sandra Oh and Awkwafina as sisters who are total opposites but ultimately form a formidable team. Brought together when their mother disappears to Macau with her new boyfriend, the sisters must find a way to pay off their mom’s gambling debts to appease the gangsters who are holding their beloved pug for ransom. When unruly older sister Jenny (Sandra Oh) suggests buttoned-up trivia maven Ann (Awkwafina) win the ransom money on her favourite gameshow, high-jinks ensue!

Overall, Quiz Lady is a well-made comedy. Yu’s direction is fast-paced and sleek, and Jen D’Angelo’s screenplay is full of jokes that are  raunchy and sometimes even straight-up disgusting (a gag about pooh is pivotal to the plot). For fans of the Jeopardy-style shows Quiz Lady parodies, there’s a lot of bowtie-related comedy, too. And it must be said Will Ferrell gives a winsome performance as a gameshow host who is also Ann’s parasocial father figure; however, the movie’s secret sauce is Awkwafina and Oh’s chemistry.

Both playing against type, a lesser movie likely would have flipped the casting of the sisters; however, Awkwafina shines as the straight man who balks at her bohemian sister’s hair-brained schemes to “manifest” their goals. And for her part, Sandra Oh has never been funnier than she is playing this rowdy big sister with a big heart. I’d watch a sequel just to see them hang out some more! Yep, comedy is back, baby!




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