TIFF 2022: Our Review Of ‘Sick’

Posted in Movies, TIFF 2022 by - September 15, 2022
TIFF 2022: Our Review Of ‘Sick’

Writer Kevin Williamson rose to prominence in 1996 after writing the script for Wes Craven’s hit horror film Scream. He followed that up with writing the screenplay for I Know What You Did Last Summer and creating the TV series Dawson’s Creek. His latest foray into film is Sick, which is based on an original story he wrote and brings him back full circle to the slasher genre.

Parker (Gideon Adlon) and Miri (Bethlehem Million) are university students who find their school plans have changed after the Covid-19 pandemic has forced most of the country to go into lockdown. The duo decide to quarantine themselves at Parker’s family lake house, an isolated cabin that seems to be the perfect place to unwind. Unfortunately however there is a killer on the loose who has targeted them to be their next victims.

Adlon doesn’t play your typical victim though and plays her character with a strength that is refreshing to see. Unfortunately however Williamson takes things a little too far, and gives the killer a motivation that completely ruins the fun that came earlier.  While some may enjoy the tongue-in-cheek explanation, it’s simply a case of too dumb to accept. Unfortunately too many horror movies fall into the trap of trying to explain something that doesn’t have to be explained.

Sick isn’t a terrible movie, and other than the ending it’s rather enjoyable. For many movie lovers however, having a good ending makes the movie memorable, which this movie is not.

  • Release Date: 9/13/2022
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