This Has Nothing To Do With Aliens Or The Celestial Messiah: A Review of ‘Spring’ on BD

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Love can drive us to some pretty crazy shit, and sometimes we even embrace it.  Spring now on Blu-Ray and DVD is a uniquely toned love story that marries itself to a creature feature and as every minute passes we get drawn further and further into it with a charm that is rarely seen in genre circles.

Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) has had a terrible week, his mother has passed away, he loses his job and he beats a guy half to death in a bar and now the police want to talk to him.  He loads up his backpack and heads to Europe to escape his past.  While he is traveling along the Italian coast and in a small and seemingly idyllic village he meets the enigmatic Louise (Nadia Hilker).  He feels an instant connection and romance starts to bloom between the two…but there is a catch.  You can never keep secrets in a relationship and Louise’s is a doozy because it puts not only their relationship but their lives in danger.spring-toronto-film-festival-3

Coming off of their festival darling Resolution, the dynamic duo of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead give us an intense romantic experience while not skimping on any freaky shit that the narrative throws our way.

The script by Benson is a simple enough of a setup and it isn’t something that is trying to get us to any fixed point, but it is about taking us on the life changing journey of this young man who has had his world completely turned upside down and inside out.  Moorhead shoots the Italian countryside with stunning aplomb as they foreshadow the turn in the narrative with the right visuals and making this budget production feel epic, because love is epic.  The practical effects are great and the genre elements of the story never overwhelm the narrative.  While it may not conquer all, under the right circumstances it can’t be denied and these guys allow that to come through.  When you are in love, there is no conditions and they push it to the limits thanks to some very solid leading performances.Spring-Movie-Fantastic-Fest

Lou Taylor Pucci has the natural charisma to carry a feature and he manages it here as his young man adrift and lost in life makes for a compelling hero for us to get behind as one way or another we can relate to where this guy is in his life because we have all been there.  The sultry Nadia Hilker is an absolute discovery in her first English language film, she has amazing presence and plays off Pucci incredibly well.  They sell this passionate romance exceptionally well and that is the magic of the film.

Spring is really a horror movie for romantics, because the highs and lows of love are just as scary as that creature that goes bump in the night and I can’t wait to see what Moorhead and Benson are going to be up to next.

The Blu-Ray looks great and there are over three hours of special features including audio commentary, a very personal behind the scenes look at the making of the film, outtakes, deleted scenes, promos and so much more.

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  • Release Date: 6/2/2015
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