This Couple’s Doomed: Our Review of ‘Love Is Blind Season 6 – Episodes 6-9’

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This Couple’s Doomed: Our Review of ‘Love Is Blind Season 6 – Episodes 6-9’

Previously on Love is Blind….

First of all, I love how I’m making fun of this series’ contestants even though I won’t pass the psych eval. But then again, these contestants make it so easy sometimes. I’ll start off this review by discussing “Feeling Uncomfy”. The sixth season’s sixth episode, the one I was supposed to watch last week. There, Chelsea and Jimmy kiss before the trouble brews, as Jimmy’s compliments towards AD’s body takes Chelsea on a tailspin. Chelsea’s a paradox of a human, comparing her looks to Megan Fox while calling herself fat and ugly, which, she’s just like me for real.

Chelsea’s insecurities will be a factor in later episodes. This is especially true after the show reintroduces Jess by having her talk to Laura. Which, speaking of Laura, Laura pranks Jaramey by asking him to ask AD what ‘bean dipping’ is. This may be a make or break situation for the both of them. And now, let’s move on to the block of episodes from Love is Blind that came out today. Episode 7, with the title “Silence Speaks Volumes,” mixes it up by giving the contestants cameras to show what they’re like in indoor situations. Brittney, in particular, looks prettier without makeup, and yes, I understand the implications of being a man writing that.

I gave Brittney some grief in my previous piece but her home look makes her look like the kind of librarian who would sneak in a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird to the right kid. Her videocam scene has her showing off how neat Ken is. But as a messy man, I’d like to say that neatness isn’t enough. Thbrey spend time on a boat, figuring out how to kill the dead air they find themselves having. Their biggest hurdle, however, comes when they go to Charlotte for their fake home experiment where she finds him on his phone. A lot. Each couple has their hurdles, not just Brittney and phone addicted Ken.

“Clinging to Love”, the season’s eighth episode, has the couples showing each other their living situations, Ken being the most realistic one. The episode’s climax has Amy and Johnny. They’re my favourite couple this season for reasons I underlined in my previous piece. Even if they are my favourite, I do acknowledge that they were getting fucking boring. They have a few conflict points that vary in severity, which the show introduces during the last episode. Amy wants her father to approve of Johnny while also lamenting her family’s involvement in her love life.

This episode,  Amy and Johnny talk about children, a thing they want but not right now.  Amy also shows Johnny her crystals, which, if I was him I would have walked out. I don’t know how to feel about Love is Blind‘s other storytelling technique. It shows parallels between two couples having similar conflicts to see which couple is the mature one and which ones can overcome their hurdles better. Strangely enough, there’s a Venn diagram for those two problem solving approaches.

Brittney and Ken have an argument about him waking her up at 1:30 in the morning, which annoys her. Chelsea and Jimmy, though, have an argument about, I don’t even know what they were fighting about, to be honest. Perhaps, all of these arguments are about circadian rhythms. AD has no problem with Clay working long nights but also resents the nights where work makes him not come home. Jaramey does not come to Laura but for a more sinister reason.

While having that argument though, I can’t stop thinking about how Jaramey claims to be a clean freak while he wears his shoes inside and I can see the bottom of them. Make it make sense, Jaramey. Anyway, coming up on Love is Blind…. The teaser for the next few block of episodes hint at parental involvement as well as the return of Jess, Sarah, and Trevor. Only one of those people are welcome. Terrible television in theory, but just as these people get comfortable, things get…uncomfy. Stay tuned, only on Netflix.

Love is Blind. Brittney in episode 608 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

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