This Couple Thinks Love Is Worth It All: Our Review of ‘Love is Blind: Episodes 10-11’

Posted in What's Streaming? by - February 28, 2024
This Couple Thinks Love Is Worth It All: Our Review of ‘Love is Blind: Episodes 10-11’

For the third week in a row, I am following the couples who found each other thanks to Love is Blind. Thirty contestants whittled themselves to five couples then to four, but will these episodes have more herd culling? Are Amy and Johnny’s financial anxieties destroying them in front of the former’s father? Maybe not, even if Johnny explains to Amy’s father what his plan is to support Amy. The plan, by the way, is to learn how to surf and teach kids how to surf. Which, why am I hating on this? I hate my day job and I make no money. Maybe Johnny is right, that finding something you love is the key to success, and Amy’s father agrees.

Will the show’s next doomed couple be Chelsea and Jimmy? Before I answer that, there’s something I have to get to. I’ve talked a lot about Chelsea and how her paradoxical insecurities make her literally me. But the more I watch Jimmy, the more relatable he is, with his psoriasis and his walks and his people pleasing ways. Chelsea and Jimmy’s big argument also makes me realise that these four couples encompass the millennial approach to love. There’s Amy and Johnny – the kind of couple where everything falls into place for them. There’s Chelsea and Jimmy, two people who find love simply because they believe they deserve it. Sometimes, Love is Blind shows that people make it work with each other in situations where most people just give up.

Love is Blind also has AD and Clay, whose overanalysis of their love and trauma can be both their salvation or their undoing, and lastly, there’s Jaramey and Laura, whose love turns to rage. This season’s tenth episode, What Could Have Been, ends by showing a cookout when this season’s alums reconnect. Chelsea and Jimmy reunite with their exes, Trevor and Jess, who are adults. Jaramey, Laura, and Sarah Ann, are not, which, good for us, makes for great entertainment. AD makes it her job to confront Sarah Ann about stealing Laura’s man, which just makes Sarah Ann run to Jaramey. Sarah Ann, unfortunately, makes some great points about how imperfect love is, which is something Laura can’t see.

Jaramey’s actions from the previous block of episodes determines his fate in the show, although my feelings about how Laura handles this may be because of respectability politics. Maybe she’s the person in charge of whether or not she joins the other women shopping for wedding dresses. Which reminds me, the show’s hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, only appear for three episodes so far. They introduce the show and the housing experiment, and then they talk to the six ‘singles’ during dress and suit shopping. And then they leave women like Chelsea to cry tears of joy while trying on dresses. Everything is set for their wedding days, but which couple may have jitters beforehand? I may or may not be here to find out.

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