Hot Docs 2023: Our Review of ‘Eat Bitter’

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Hot Docs 2023: Our Review of ‘Eat Bitter’

Documentaries or any screened media’s intention is to take the audience into the world of their characters or subjects. And to expose them to their stories whether they be happy or not. Or whether they be uncomfortable or not and so forth. Documentaries do this in a way where if the subject matter forces audience to acknowledge something they turn a blind eye to. We do this because reality is so discouraging. With directors Pascale Appora Gnekindy and Ningyi Sun telling the story of Eat Bitter it forces audiences to realize something. That whatever hardships they’re going through and whatever difficulty they’re facing is probably miniscule. Two main subjects of Eat Bitter face worse hurdles and that if they can fight that adversary so can they.

Eat Bitter focuses on Thomas and Luan. They both live in the Central African Republic and are trying to achieve their goals but are constantly met with issues in doing so. Thomas wants to start a business as a materials extractor. Meanwhile, Luan is essentially a construction foreman who’s trying to build a bank in time. He’s also making a better life for him, his wife and ultimately, his family. They’re both met with issues from the government. The government does not want to watch them succeed and ultimately does not care about the people living under their jurisdiction.

While Thomas and Luan’s stories are heart wrenching, it is these stories that are the heart and soul of Eat Bitter. They make audiences engaged with the story and what happens to both of these people. Their lives and the lives of countless others hang in the balance of the core of their stories truly moves audiences. It has them rooting for both Thomas and Luan to be able to achieve their goals.

  • Release Date: 5/3/2023
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