Reel Asian 2020: Our Review of ‘Moving On’

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Reel Asian 2020: Our Review of ‘Moving On’

Cinema can depict its families through different lens. That’s especially true with Yoon Dan-bi’s Moving On. Here, younger members of a Korean family care for their grandfather (Kim Sang-dong) while moving into his house. How does this grandfather keep this house while his son (Yang Heung-joo) and daughter Mijung (Park Hyun-young) keep languishing? Yoon makes the better decision by focusing more on the interpersonal relationships between those siblings as well as the son’s younger children.

Nonetheless, Moving subtly covers all aspects of these characters’ lives, especially the financial aspect. It occasionally shows the father trying to study for a job so that he can move on from selling ‘authentic’ running shoes. His children have different levels of knowing what’s happening. Okju (Choi Jung-un) asks him if they have enough money so that she can get plastic surgery. Yoon, however, chooses for younger Dongju (Park Seung-jun) to be more innocent.

Moving also uses beautiful contrasts and tried and true methods. Yoon is filming a big house so the most logical thing to do is to fill it with small yet emotionally poignant moments. Those moments include Okju asking Mijung for boy advice. One thing about Okju is that her wish to have a different eye shape or her boy trouble might make her seem bratty. But Yoon makes those problems of a girl seem universal.

The grandpa’s presence here is few and far between, which is another irony here since most of Moving takes place in his house. Yoon shows him going from and to the hospital, or Okju giving Dongju the occasional status update. Yoon unfolds an underlying theme here. Some family members are more present than others, and this depicts the spectrum of emotions that come to people when facing the possibility of a family losing each other.


  • Release Date: 11/12/2020
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