Psychedelic Thriller…: Our Review of ‘Control’ for BITS 2022

Posted in BITS 2022, Festival Coverage, Movies by - November 23, 2022
Psychedelic Thriller…: Our Review of ‘Control’ for BITS 2022

Psychological thrillers are always a hit or miss because if they’re done right they can be absolutely incredible. And if the cast and crew do their job poorly then you have arguably some of the most painful viewing experiences ever to land on a screen. Thankfully though, James Mark who directs and co-writes with Matthew Nayman absolutely hits the nail on the head with Control. It is an unconventional psychological thriller. It’s one that feels like it may have been a COVID movie due to the mostly limited cast, but regardless it delivers an interesting and provoking thriller.

Control focuses, mostly, on Eileen played by Sara Mitich, whose trapped in what appears like a sound proof box placed on a metal chair. There is also a table in the room, and a pencil on said table. An ominous voice comes over a speaker and states to move the pencil within the allotted time frame, if she fails her daughter will die. After she completes the task, she is knocked unconscious, reset in a sense. And she wakes back up different situation and asked to do another mundane task but somehow has a telekinetic ability. This continues to happen over and over again, until the unexpected happens.

Sara Mitich absolutely carries the show. And thankfully she does, considering the movie would quite literally live or die without her ability. Her performance truly is top notch. And as she’s slowly realizing what is going on and her abilities, the movie gets more and more intriguing as well. There is a lot to unpack as the movie goes on, the twists and turns become slightly predictable. But despite that it is Mitich’s performance that saves any predictability embedded within the movie itself.

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