One on One with ‘Virgin River’s’ Alexandra Breckenridge

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One on One with ‘Virgin River’s’ Alexandra Breckenridge

Get out your tissues and settle in for Season 2 of the hit Netflix series Virgin River.

Alexandra Breckenridge (known to many as “Sophie” on the series  This Is Us ) heads up the cast in Virgin River.  She plays follows Melinda “Mel” Monroe, who answers an ad to work as a midwife and nurse practitioner in the remote California town of Virgin River. She thinks it will be the perfect place to start fresh and leave her painful memories behind. But she soon discovers that small-town living isn’t quite as simple as she expected. She must learn to heal herself before she can truly make Virgin River her home.

The series has been a ratings bonanza for Netflix due to its charm and “Hallmarky” feel.   The romance-drama series, is based on the popular Virgin River novels by Robyn Carr.   The show also stars Martin Henderson, Tim Matheson and Annette O’Toole.

Alexandra Breckenridge delivers a believable and relatable performance of the everyday life of a struggling middle-aged woman.  Most of the viewers of the hit series are woman who cheer on the character of Mel. Mel relatably tries to live each day with grace even though she has plenty of struggles to deal with.

It’s fun to watch Breckenridge in this role. That’s considering the actress has quite the resume when it comes to delivering roles in some pretty gorey, horror-inspired TV shows. In American Horror Story, she played the young Moira O’Hara. Moira is the housekeeper facing sexual harassment from an employer before someone shoots her in the eye and having her remains in the garden.

Dying on screen is something Alexandra possesses extensive experience in. In Walking Dead, she played Jessie Anderson, the mother-of-two devoured by a group of walkers. And the creators of True Blood cast her as Katerina Pellham. Katerina is an undercover agent who joins the coven to determine whether its members are powerful enough to pose a real threat to the vampires.

In our interview with Alexandra, we asked what attracted her to American Horror Story. She said it was mainly because she really wanted to work with Ryan Murphy, the creator of Nip/Tuck, Glee and so much more.

Bonnie Laufer spoke with Alexandra Breckenridge about working on Virgin River. She also spoke about the popularity of the hit show This Is Us which is also now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix will release the second season of Virgin River on November 27!

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