Not Much Style: Our Review of ‘Nemesis (2021)’

Not Much Style: Our Review of ‘Nemesis (2021)’

Nemesis is a British crime thriller that originally came out in the United Kingdom on March 29th of this year and is now coming out in North America.

An underworld kingpin, John Morgan (Billy Murray), returns to London from semi-retirement in Turkey. Along with his wife Sadie (Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott), he triggers a cataclysm of violence, retribution, and murder.

This film may just be one of the weakest crime thrillers out there adding nothing new to the genre. It is extremely drawn-out, leading up to hardly any payoff being worth the hour and a half. It also has one of the most obnoxious and out-of-place soundtracks belonging to a completely different type of movie. From the opening scene, it was unbelievable that director James Crow approved the music for the film. It feels like something that would be heard in an action film.

Crow directs this film like he is trying to emulate the style of some other big gangster films out there. He directs the film in a boringly bland way. There’s not much style in the way that Crow constructs and arranges his shots. Most of the time, it feels as if the camera is too close to the actors’ faces. Like there should be more wide shots instead of just over the shoulder and a close-up.

Probably the film’s only saving grace is the performance of Billy Murray who does his best with the material that Crow gave him. He’s sort of believable as an old retired crime boss who has been away from his home country for so long. It really doesn’t help that the script he is given to work with is so poor. The rest of the acting besides Bruce Payne, who has hardly any screen time, is pretty bad. Especially, as the wife to Murray’s wife, Jeanine Nerissa has so many fillers on her lips that it can become distracting from the other characters in the shot. The uses of violence throughout the film also do not have the impact that they should. You never truly feel the cruelty in it because the characters are just so uninteresting and dull.

Nemesis is a forgettable crime thriller that doesn’t do anything new that you have not already seen before. It doesn’t give you any of the character depth or memorable fleshed-out villains that you have come to expect in these films. You would be better off watching any other gangster film and completely avoiding this one.

  • Release Date: 7/30/2021
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