No Redeeming Qualities: Our Review Of ‘The Voyeurs’

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No Redeeming Qualities: Our Review Of ‘The Voyeurs’

Even the worst films have something you enjoy about them, something that keeps you watching. Whether it’s an actor you follow closely, characters you enjoy, or a story you want to see through to the end, there is usually something that drives you onward. If there’s not, most people can choose to turn it off. Unfortunately reviewers don’t get that option and need to watch to the bitter end. The Voyeurs is one of those films most people will probably walk away from.

Pippa (Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney) and Thomas (Generation‘s Justice Smith) are moving in together and manage to land their dream apartment. Shortly after moving in, however, they discover that the couple who live in the apartment facing them never close their curtains. They don’t even close them during intimate moments. Pippa and Thomas become obsessed with them, watching their every action. They witness one of their new neighbors cheating on the other. So they wrestle with having to make the decision as to whether they should get involved in their lives. It’s a decision that could potentially tear them apart and lead to disaster.

Even though The Voyeurs is advertised as an erotic thriller, it can still be hard not feeling dirty watching it. After all, you are watching the film through Pippa and Thomas’ eyes and thus watching their neighbors alongside them. As a plot device it’s interesting, and it could have worked if the leads were at all likable. Pippa’s obsession grows to the point where you start to dislike her however, and Thomas is too much of a wuss to do anything about it. He enables her to the point where when he does do something about it, it’s too late. Even with unlikable leads, the film still have protentional, but then the plot got in the way.

As it goes on, The Voyeurs becomes more and more ridiculous. It twists and turns so sharply that it makes very little sense. Really the film had no need for twists and should have proceeded straight ahead without turning. If the filmmakers wanted there to be twists they could have done it in a much more logical way. As it is, you need to do much more than suspend your disbelief, you need to tear your brain out of your head and place it in another room.

The Voyeurs is one of the worst movies of the year, and probably of the last twenty years. Giving it one star is being generous, but admittedly the movie had potential for at least a little awhile. The only reason anyone probably sticks through to the end is for the sex and nudity. This means that the film probably should be on a channel for people looking for that sort of thing instead of Amazon Prime. If you want to watch a much better erotic thriller, pick up a copy of Basic Instinct, Body Double, Eyes Wide Shut, Fatal Attraction or Mulholland Drive, which are better examples of the genre.

  • Release Date: 9/10/2021
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