From the New York Asian Film Festival: Our Review of ‘Lazy Hazy Crazy’

Posted in Festival Coverage, Movies, NYAFF 2016 by - June 29, 2016

Lazy Hazy Crazy lets us know from the beginning that “is inspired by a true story” and that names, etc. have been changed as requested by the parties who end up being characters of the movie. Worry not, this is not a horror film. It is a film about Chloe, Tracy, and Prickly C, three school-age sex workers in Hong Kong, which means the “true story” disclaimer doesn’t erase my anxiety. Instead it makes my mind race from one assumption to another, that either a scandal or a crime is going to rock these young women’s lives.

I wrongfully assumed that danger is perpetually in the periphery for these women. And the pastel palette, the occasional slow motion sequences and the light piano music doesn’t negate the sense of dread that I inherently injected into the film. Yet the movie proves itself otherwise. Its frank discussions about sex – which was jarring even for me when I first heard it – shows that these women are in control of their bodies. And yet it has time to reveal their dysfunctional family situations, their insecurities and their neuroses but doesn’t imply that those traits influence their ‘part time work.’

These interesting leading women, unfortunately, aren’t surrounded by supporting characters who deserve them. Their lovers and ‘uncles’ are either idealized Richard Geres or aloof inept young jerks. The sex scenes correspond these polar opposites. Writer/director Yee-sum Luk uses the male characters and even uses a dog named Dumbo to drive a wedge between the women. Even Dumbo gets a significant story arc, therefore making these women meander for the film’s last half hour. But the actresses believe in the emotional journeys they go through. The film sometimes take us to the side streets of Kowloon, but thankfully we have these women to guide us.

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy has already screened as a part of NYAFF

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