New York Asian Film Festival ’18: Our Review Of ‘Premika’

New York Asian Film Festival ’18: Our Review Of ‘Premika’

Siwakorn Jarupongpa’s colourful Premika is set at the grand opening weekend of a hotel in the middle of the forest. A group of so-called VIPs have been invited to join this weekend event.

One of the guests curiously asks if the hotel is haunted, hotel owner (Fu Nan) explodes. In fact, there is a ghost – a young woman (Nattacha De Souza) dressed in a Sailor Moon outfit, who has become known as Premika by the police. She was killed near the hotel by a lake, and she will not rest in peace until justice is served.

The clueless VIPs who are set for a weekend of ‘fun ‘at this prestigious hotel include: the comedic duo Uab (Tiwat Srisawat) and Uan (Anupapr Suriyathong), who believe they can form a boy band;  singing duo Noey (Asiah Johnson) and Yam (Praemai Bailee), along with their producer Somkiat (Pariyate Angoonkitti); the comedic duo Uab (Tiwat Srisawat) and Uan (Anupapr Suriyathong), who believe they can form a boy band; Tun (Nutthasit Kotimanuswanich) and Aek (Kidakarn Chatkaewmanee) members of a ‘boy band’ named The Youth; the sweet Muay (Peraya Aksorndee), whose husband Bird (Nattachai Sirinanthachot) is having some ‘performance’ issues of his own; and others. There is also police presence due to the on-going murder investigation.

Soon, guests start to feel frightened at the hotel. As the film unfolds, we see Premika use a jukebox to challenge each guest to sing and perform in a music video. If they do not, they will die a gruesome death. The longer the police takes to find Premika’s killer, the deaths become more gruesome.

Premika delivers a good combination of hilarity and bloody kills. The cast works well together. The film contains enough gags, cheesy jokes, overly sexual innuendos, and of course, plenty of carnage. For fans of horror-comedies, Jarupongpa’s Premika will not disappoint.

  • Release Date: 7/13/2018
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