Move Over Andrew Lloyd Webber: Our Review of ‘Dicks: The Musical’

Posted in Theatrical by - October 20, 2023
Move Over Andrew Lloyd Webber: Our Review of ‘Dicks: The Musical’

The title Dicks: The Musical may be misleading (along with the original show entitled Fucking Identical Twins) for obvious reasons. However, those who know know that it’s actually is a Parent Trap-esque caper of two ‘straight’ men, Craig (Josh Sharp) and Trevor (Aaron Jackson). Both discover that they are in fact identical twins and want to get their parents back together. Craig and Trevor certainly do not see eye to eye when they first run into each other. They try to constantly one up one another. But they realize that they were separated at birth, never truly knowing of the other one’s existence. Because of that, they band together to hatch their seemingly innocent plan.

Harris (Nathan Lane) is Trevor’s dad and Evelyn (Megan Mullally) is Craig’s mom. They get to know their parents a little too comfortably and things get quite out of hand rather quickly. But in a movie entitled Dicks: The Musical, what more could you possibly ask for? There is never a dull moment in Dicks: The Musical. We see one of their parents missing some anatomical attributes, or someone else keeping, housing, and loving some disturbed creatures. The audience will not, even for a second, forget that they’re watching one of the most originally deranged musicals to ever grace a screen. And yes, that even includes the Cats movie musical adaptation.

The laughs are literally deafening from the audience as they cannot ever stop. They’re gut punch belly laughter, time and time again, with just absolute chaos unfolding in front of our eyes. Megan Mullaly is undeniably a scene stealer. But it is Megan Thee Stallion as Craig and Trevor’s boss that undeniably slays every single scene she is in. Nathan Lane commits to the absurdity. He finds himself in some of the funniest moments of the movie that literally will have audiences crying from laughing too hard.

All of this should come as no surprise as the man in the director’s chair is none other than Larry Charles who has directed numerous episodes of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and is also the same director behind Borat!. Thus, Larry Charles certainly knows how to bring the absolutely insane and unpredictable to a screen. All of this works because Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson (the latter has the mannerisms and characteristics of a young Jim Carrey). Both deliver their two man show on a larger scale. Dicks: The Musical is a perfect movie that simply is the most outrageous and over the top in the best way.

Dicks: The Musical is not your typical musical feat. Yes it does boast powerful ballads and has some very catchy songs and bops. But it gives Avenue Q a run for its money in boundaries it crosses and certainly tests the limits of what can be done before it is not allowed to see the light of day. Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson pack al lot into this true descent into madness. It shocks me that they convinced Megan Mullally, Nathan Lane and Megan Thee Stallion to do what they do here. This ensemble of actors brings forth one of the funniest movies this year and possibly of the past decade. It is jam packed with excitement, insanity, and two creatures that are sure to steal the audiences’ heart. Prepare your best theatre outfit, get ready to sing and dance your way to Dicks: The Musical.

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