Marriage Woes…: Our Review of ‘The End of Sex’

Posted in Movies by - May 02, 2023
Marriage Woes…: Our Review of ‘The End of Sex’

There is something inherently difficult about relationships and this is something that is just generally understood.  If they were easy, people most likely wouldn’t go through a few of them in their lifetime. And certainly, the divorce rate wouldn’t be at an all time high. What happens though when you add kids into the mix – well presumably a lot of that fun and excitement the couple had in the beginning falls to the wayside and the couple hits a few presumable bumps in the road.

At least that’s what the script penned by Jonas Chernick and directed by Sean Garrity in The End of Sex wants us to believe. The movie certainly explores its avenue rather largely, and to some hilarious and uncomfortable results. But it also kind of ends there. It doesn’t provide any real resolution or outlet for our characters. It just shows their misguided shenanigans without addressing some clearly larger issues afoot.

The End of Sex focuses on Emma (Emily Hampshire) and Josh (writer/actor Jonas Chernick). Their sexual endeavours have slowed down due to having children and their ability to achieve their sexual goals is certainly no longer occurring. When their kids go away to camp for a few weeks they find themselves wanting to explore some options. They want to reinvigorate their sex life and possibly reignite that fire they once had.

This kicks off a hilariously awkward threesome that certainly doesn’t go as planned. However, everything else continues to spiral out of control as they face new issues that arise that certainly are the underbelly of all their actual issues. The film never addressing some of its larger issues as a whole. But thankfully, the comedy and overall execution of the madness comes together to bring forth an enjoyable outing for those looking for a new romantic comedy – however one that is light on both fronts.

And while the chemistry shared between Emily Hampshire and Jonas Chernick is certainly fractured, it works for the film excellently. They clearly have had something there. And through years of marriage and some romantic issues the love they once shared has slowed down and taken a back seat. Both Emily and Jonas echo this compartmentalization perfectly in their performances. But it is ultimately their characters’ decision during their ‘vacation’ that comes off as a last resort to save their relationship and brings forth the laughs. Agaian, Jonas is co-starring in a movie that they also wrote. Usually, when one does double duty, there is more nuance and understanding to the characters audiences see.

However, Jonas Chernick has decided to make both of his characters rather indifferent and bordering unlikable to the audience. The film creates an interesting dynamic between these two characters. These characters continually find themselves in awkward and hilarious situations. But thankfully, the performances from both Emily and Jonas round out what would be otherwise a very cringy outing. Instead they make something that breaks the standard romcom formula even if it fails to connect wholly with its audience. The End of Sex certainly packs its proverbial climax. However, it feels one sided and will ultimately leave in only one person being satisfied.

  • Release Date: 4/28/2023
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